Young Lust

It was late on a Saturday night when I first came across this young, beautiful creature.  I had recently moved into a new apartment complex, and had been acclimating myself to the surroundings, which seemed to consist mostly of older people, and married couples with young children. It was undoubtedly a change from my previous place, where late night parties raged and strangers engaged in illicit acts down dimly lit hallways.  It was sure to be the only thing I would miss, as I had grown quite fond of this alternative lifestyle.  I enjoyed the revelry and the sin that took place, and was always eager and able to find a willing playmate. I liked the young ones the best; boastful of their sexual proclivity, and armed with hard, chiseled bodies. Their youthful haughtiness was such a turn-on, as I would listen to lips full of stories whisper indulgences….the gorgeous women they had been with….the drunken memories of sex with strangers met in bars….and the “knowledge” of how to make a woman truly scream with desire. But the part I enjoyed the most was breaking them down between my bed sheets, leaving them with a permanent scar in their impressionable minds.

As soon as I laid eyes on him, I knew, he would be the next.  He was in his late 20’s, with dark hair, dark eyes, and striking facial features. Dressed in a black suit, he looked as though he had just come from one of the upscale clubs around town. As he turned and flashed a subtle smile my direction, you could tell that he knew just how attractive he was. Here was a young man who had probably been with hundreds of girls, each vying for his affection, and gossiping about how lucky they were to have slept with him.  An air of quiet sensuality surrounded him, as I watched him turn the key and enter his apartment, my mind racing 100 miles an hour.

We would pass occasionally in the hall after that, exchanging small talk, and quickly learning more and more about each other. Not surprisingly, he had a personality to match those good-looks; a charming arrogance of sorts, cracking jokes that I didn’t know whether to laugh at or be offended. A complete asshole, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. A n intoxicating mixture of intelligence and passion completed this persona, intriguing me and making it easy to see why so many women were putty in his hands.  He was the ultimate hate-fuck. The guy every woman wants to dismiss as cocky and selfish, but deep inside, begged to have him using them solely for his pleasure.

I would indulge him with cunning flirtations, making sure he knew I had no intentions of being either the good girl, or letting him slip through my fingers, should he be brave enough to play with me. His tight young body pushed onto bed sheets as my tongue devoured his cock, and scratch marks adorned his skin. Sure to be a beautiful game. A game I knew well….fucking these beautiful, young men with something to prove. It wasn’t long before all the talk became reality, and I was at his doorstep.  He invited me in, poured a couple drinks, and attempted to make conversation. But we both knew the real reason I was there that night….

I grabbed his hands, pulling him towards me and kissing him. I wasted no time tearing at the buttons on his shirt, undoing them one by one until it fell swiftly from his shoulders.  My tongue still furiously moving in his mouth, I reached down to unzip his pants.  His cock sprung from his jeans, and I immediately dropped to my knees, eager to have him in my mouth.  I couldn’t wait to taste it, my tongue gently gliding over the tip, savoring those first sweet drops of pre-cum. He leaned his head back and sighed as I eagerly took more and more of his cock between my lips. Bracing the wall for support, his thrusts increased in urgency until he was deep throating me.  As he wrapped my hair tightly around his fist, I drenched his balls with my saliva.  Pulling back so I could lick and suck them, I tauntingly swirled my tongue around the base of his shaft.  When I could tell he was almost ready to explode, I moistened my finger on my tongue and slid it deep inside his ass. He let out a primal grunt, as I took his cock back into my mouth and let him buck forcefully against me. Between his ass clenching around my finger and his dick ramming down my throat, all I could think was how beautiful he was and how much I needed him inside of me.

I eased myself off of him, and asked if he was ready for a good fucking.  He wasted no time giving me an answer, as he removed my shirt and bra and wrapped his hands around my tits, squeezing them tightly. His tongue hungrily traced circles down my chest, as one hand fumbled to unbutton my pants. In one quick motion, all our clothes were on the floor and he was pushing me towards the bed. His roughness excited me, and I could feel the heat from his body as his hands gripped my shoulders. Standing at the edge, our eyes locked, he dug his teeth into my neck and let his fingertips find my clit. Twisting it and making it swell; he then shoved two fingers deep inside my already moist cunt. He finger fucked me until my knees shook and I was begging him to stop. After what seemed like hours of this delightful torture, he finally complied....

He guided me onto all fours, and prepared to enter me, rubbing his cock up and down over my dripping wet pussy. I cried out each time, as his cock mercilessly taunted me, sliding just the tip into my aching hole. Then, without warning, he shoved all 8 inches of that young cock inside of me.  I lunged forward, and he yanked me back by the hair, ramming even deeper this time. He continued to fuck me, harder and faster until I could barely catch my breath. I moaned in unison with his thrusts, ordering him to make me cum. Just when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, he pulled out of my pussy and slid that throbbing cock deep inside my ass. I bucked back and forth against him, as his balls slapped furiously against my ass cheeks. I reached underneath to stoke my aching clit and suddenly felt the sting of hand prints on bare flesh. 

Was this really happening?  Was this young man really taking advantage of me, the way I had done with all the others?  Playing a game of torrid sex and pain, the tables had now been turned, as he continued to fuck me without mercy.  And I loved it.  He continued to slap my ass as I felt the sweat from his forehead dripping upon my back, and his cock stretching me wide open. A few more deep thrusts and his cock began to throb and release, filling me with his hot cum.  I collapsed onto the bed, riding the last waves of the most intense orgasm I’d ever had.  I could feel his heavy breath on my skin as he slowly pulled his dick from my ass and let the sticky sweetness drip down between my thighs.

Towering over me, he ran his tongue up my shivering flesh and massaged his now flaccid cock in his hands.  I could barely move, my body flushed and tingling from head to toe. I lifted myself up, as he moved out from behind me, and I caught a devilish grin upon his face. He grabbed my wrists forcefully and locked them behind my back, asking me if that what was I had been waiting for….if he had fucked right into my best memories of passionate, meaningless sex. Indeed, he had, I thought, as I stumbled off the bed and grabbed my clothes. Kissing him once more, I dressed quickly and headed for the door…..