The Workout

Tomi Totaro

“You wore that to the gym!” I was so startled to hear Rick’s voice as I came in the front door that I dropped my keys. “You’re home early,” I stammered. Rick ran his hands over my tight white tank top. “No bra?” I couldn’t meet his eyes. “I forgot it and didn’t want to drive all the way back home,” I whispered. “She was there, wasn’t she?” he asked, far too softly. Now I was really nervous.

“Let me guess. You spent an hour on the treadmill right in front of that butch girl, teasing her with your bouncing titties while she lifted weights.” I tried to wiggle past him, but he grabbed my arm. “You remember what I said would happen if you did that again, don’t you, Sara?” “No,” I whispered. “Oh yes you do! Go take a shower then wait for me in the bedroom.”

Why oh why did Rick come home early? Today of all days! Why didn’t I shower and change at the gym? My hands were shaking as I stripped down and stepped into the shower. I must have dropped the soap at least five times worrying whether Rick really would (or could) follow through with his threat.

He let me wait in the bedroom a good hour. In fact, he opened the door so softly I didn’t hear him come in. I was lying on my back, eyes closed, slowly stoking my clit. “It looks like the party’s already started,” he chuckled. I gasped when I opened my eyes to find the cute girl from the gym standing beside Rick. “Oh no. Don’t stop. I’m sure Ellie will be quite pleased to watch you perform for her some more.” I flushed. Ellie? I didn’t even know her name. Rick placed my fingers back on my clit. “I said, ‘Don’t stop.’”

Ellie sat down on the bed beside me. “Pleased to finally meet you, Sara,” she smirked. Her eyes slowly surveyed my naked body. I was bright pink from the roots of my hair to the bottom of my toes. “Don’t tell me you’re feeling shy now,” she teased. “After all those hours showing off for me?” I blushed even more. “You’re even sexier without your sexy clothes,” she murmured. She smelled clean and salty. Her tongue darted between her lips as she focused on my pussy. “A landing strip. I guessed right about that. Very cute.”

“Spread your thighs,” Rick ordered. “Oh yeah, you’re nice and wet,” she crooned. “I think she needs a good, hard spanking,” Rick suggested. “All in good time,” Ellie answered firmly. “I want to enjoy every minute of this.” She softly stroked my cheek and looked into my eyes. Her gaze was so powerful I groaned. “That’s right,” she whispered. “You’ve wanted me for a long time, haven’t you? Rick thought you were just playing games with me.” It was Rick’s turn to groan now, and my eyes darted nervously to his face. Pure lust. I was surprised to see how much my desire for Ellie turned him on.

She lifted my hand from my pussy and slowly sucked my sticky fingers. I started stroking myself with my other hand, and she pulled that up to her mouth too, spending a lot of time running her tongue over and between my fingers, sucking them one at a time then all at once. I was squirming and sighing. Her firm grasp on my wrists had me breathing even harder. “Bring me something to tie her up with. Clearly she likes that.” Rick showed her the silk cords we keep attached to the headboard. “Nice!”

After she bound my wrists together above my head, Ellie leaned down and kissed me, a kiss that built up like a tsunami – slow and wet and overpowering. I was gasping even before she gently bit my lower lip. Her fingers were feather-light as she danced them over my bouncy breasts, rounded belly, soft thighs and up my sensitive slit. Then her strong hands squeezed me hard all over, causing me to moan. Ellie pulled my hair and shoved four fingers into my mouth, fucking them in and out. I lifted my hips up off the bed, begging. “Oh yes, you’re ready to explode, aren’t you, baby doll?” she teased.

“Please,” Rick croaked. “Take off your clothes, Ellie.” She gave him a sharp glance of irritation. “Alright,” she said. “But remember our agreement. You only get to watch.” Ellie naked is all straight lines, but she’s not skinny. Her muscular arms and thighs turned me on as much as her boyish haircut, small tits and natural bush. And the glimpse I got of her ass made me even wetter than I already was. “More cord,” Ellie demanded. She quickly tied my ankles to my thighs so I was spread wide open.

Ellie sat between my thighs and spent an eternity just looking at my open labia. I started wriggling again, and she reached up and pinched both nipples. “Hold still!” She took her time exploring my cunt, alternating between rough and soft touches, gently blowing on my clit one minute, then tugging on my lips the next. Then she started fingering me. “You’re nice and tight,” she whispered. “That must mean Rick over there isn’t that big.” Rick strangled back a protest and I giggled, only to cry out as she worked four fingers – then her whole hand – into my hole.

“What’s the matter, sweet thing? Never been fisted?” I shrieked out as an orgasm crashed over me. And still she didn’t stop. She kept fisting me until I was coming in waves. Ellie slowed down just long enough for me to catch my breath; then she leaned forward, took my swollen clit into her mouth and sucked me mercilessly. I felt on the verge of passing out before she sat up, lightly stroking my face, kissing me so I could taste myself on her tongue.

Now you’re ready to be spanked.” Rick moaned. I glanced over and saw that was he fully aroused. He’d been holding off. This is what he’d been waiting for. “Untie her,” Ellie demanded. Ellie sat in the middle of our bedroom loveseat and motioned for me to drape myself over her lap. I felt her hand softly caressing my big bottom, then squeezing it, then rubbing it some more. When I was fully relaxed, I felt the sting of the first slap.

Rick was sitting on the edge of the bed, enjoying his ringside view, watching Ellie’s hand rain down again and again, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, turning my cheeks from pink to red. Ellie had her hand resting on my back, admiring her work, when Rick strode over and jerked off all over my hot ass. (I have to admit that felt good, even though it infuriated Ellie.) “What the fuck do you think you’re doing!” She pushed me off her lap, herded him out of the room and locked the door. “Asshole!”

I was my knees in front of the loveseat. Ellie sat back down and said, “You look good there, Sara.” She tucked a few pillows behind her back and scooted forward. “Now it’s time for you to thank me properly.” She spread her thighs and roughly pulled me toward her, grabbing my hair and shoving my face into her pussy. “Stick your tongue out!” she commanded, and I obeyed.

Rick started pounding on the door. “Let me back in! Please! I want to watch Sara eat your pussy. Please let me in!” Ellie ignored him, grinding her crotch in my face, showing me how she liked it. “Suck my clit! Come on, Sara. You can do better than that.” Even though cunnilingus isn’t my expertise, Ellie was apparently aroused enough from working me over to come fairly quickly. She was a squirter, soaking my face with her juices. I was a mess, but Ellie was happy.

She stroked my sticky face as I knelt in front of her. “Sara, I want to see you again. But without Rick. Does your relationship allow for that?” “Well, yes, our agreement is that we can see other people on our own, but so far, he’s the only one who’s taken advantage of that.” “Time for that to change, don’t you think?” I looked up into her eyes. “Yes,” I whispered.

“I want to see you next Saturday. I want to see you every Saturday. We’ll start at the gym. You’ll continue your ‘performances’ for me. You’ll wear skimpy clothes every time. I want to see your gym pants ride up your crack. I want to watch your pretty titties bounce. Then I’ll meet you in the parking lot, and we’ll go back to my place. Agreed?” I couldn’t believe I was excited again after the workout she’d just put me through, but I was.

Ellie pulled me up onto her lap. She fondled my breasts, kissed me, fingered me. “Oh yes,” she whispered, “we’re going to have a lot more fun together. I’m going to train you right.” I groaned at that. Then she left. Left me wanting more. And more. And more.