True Stories: Sex On The Beach


David G. Holling

When you awoke not long after sun break, you became aware without reaching that I was not beside you in the tent. My rebel yell from the beach below let you know I was enjoying an early morning surf. Your thoughts drifted to licking the fresh saltiness off me, not unlike those oysters we snatched from the rocks yesterday.

With no need to dress at this deserted part of the coast you wandered away from the campsite to find a scenic spot to pee. Looking along the beach you saw that I have left the surf to strip out of my wetsuit, and was now walking naked along the sand.

The surf had been fun, not big enough to be challenging, not that small to be dull. I was a little out of practice and spent more time in the water than standing up, and each time I had tried to make my wipeout crazier than the last. That was how we and crazy.

For no particular reason I walked naked arms spread open along the beach into the sun like some ancient Aztec in worship. The sensuous kiss of the sun on my freed and swinging cock soon brought on the stirrings of an erection. Too inhibited to jack off in broad daylight in the middle of a beach, I ran and dove into the nearby sea with my cock now pointing the way.

You saw my sudden dash into the sea and had a fair guess what caused it. Remembering your own earlier thoughts upon awakening, you decided to return to the tent and prepare a special treat for me.

The shock of the cold water deflated my engorged flesh. I retrieved my towel, dried off and with it tied around my waist return to the campsite.

Hearing my return, you laid on you side drawing up your knees with the sheet draped carelessly across you. You place one hand between your thighs as if to be caught masturbating. You decided to go for realism and started to probe between your sweet and silky folds. Not surprisingly, you became aroused so quickly.

As you were not up when I return to the campsite, and at stage had no idea what was going through your mind, I set a fire to boil the billy to surprise you with breakfast of coffee and fruit cake.

Hearing me prepare breakfast you are disappointed that thoughts of my stomach outweigh those of other parts, namely your parts, especially the ones you are caressing so earnestly.

Sensing movement in the tent I peered into the opening through the partially opened flaps. As my eyes adjusted to the dark I saw you flat on your back, one hand holding apart your lips as the other drew and rubbed your bursting clit, cum oozing from your cunt, glistening sweet fluid.. The effect on me was instant and not even Neptune's coldest water could have deflated tmy erection.

You looked up to see my silhouette in the doorway. You shuddered to see me naked and holding my rock hard cock in both hands. I was ready.

Your open sex reminded me of the oysters we collected yesterday, how their soft delicate flesh was exposed once the shell was split. Moving forward I fell into your arms dragging the sheet away. We sighed at the charged contact of skin on skin. Our eyes and lips met in mute appeal for the release both our bodies craved.

Moving down your torso I trailed tongue kisses from the corner of your jaw down to the smooth undersides of your breasts. Pausing at your nipples I suckled noisily giving each one a playful nip before moving to the juncture of your thighs.

You tilted your pelvis as I lifted your ass onto bundled up bedding. Drawing up your knees you presented your pulsing and welcoming pussy for my mouth to worship. My cock twitched with each heartbeat, the head straining and swelling like some obscene purple beast. Begging stimulation I ground it into the bedding before I leant forward to taste your essence.

Your whole being was focused on your sex. My warm breath was like the gentlest caress. You sighed at the first gentle contact of my tongue. I swept my flattened tongue from front to back, lightly feathering your holes and passing either side of your clitoris on the return. The valley of your thighs was slick with our mingled juices.

Sensing your urgency I moved onto your clit. I licked it, sucked it, pushed my tongue hard upon it. Each action drew a sharp intake of breath, your whole body buzzed with sexual tension. You put your hands to my head to hold me close. Your bottom hovered above the bed, you were so close to coming it was almost unbareable.

Reaching up I tweaked your nipples hard. I was always surprised at the violence of your orgasm. Undulating your pelvis you grind your sex into my face. I felt the muscles of your vagina spasming wildly as the entrance fluttered below me.

As your orgasm receded you sank back to the bed. I gently and more slowly soothed your body with my tongue, calming the flame I had sought to inflame just before. My cock ached to be driven headlong into you, but my brain told me this was a time for tenderness. Gently you pushed my head away as you draw me up to your mouth.

Reaching down and taking a hold of my hardness you guided me into your cunt. Slowly I eased into the snug wet warmth, rolling forward, embracing as we went. Your eyes sought mine giving mute approval with their liquid gaze.

Not wanting the moment to end I held still. You brought me undone by tilting your pelvis such that my cock was nuzzling the neck of your womb; it was so tight. Brazenly your cunt gripped me along the whole length of my shaft as if to milk every last drop of my seed.

I began the pistoning movement pushing into you harder with each thrust. The tenderness of a few moments ago is replaced with the fierce clash of our loins. With each brutal thrust you rose up to receive me and I knew all to well that soon we would both be reaching a furious climax. Our moans and groans filled the air inside that tent and must have echoed far out to sea. We had let go; completely free and wanton.

My orgasm started with a tingling bursting sensation in the tip of my dick. A wave of warmth rushed through my chest to my face and jolts of pure pleasure thrilled me as my seed burst forward deep, deep inside of you. I melted into you.

We laid there afterwards in a fleshy sweaty embrace, unsure where our bodies started or ended. And we didn't care.

Nine months later our first child came into the world. And that Honeymoon will never be more than a moment's memory away.