Swinger's Party

Kelly Arthur

With a nervous, casual glance I scan the room. The light is dim.

I place my hand over a near by candle, savouring the heat and the pain that follows. The feeling of being alive is intense.

Your strong arm slides around my waist, gently leading me further into the den.

“Baby, you’ll burn,” you whisper, smiling, having noticed the flame. You have always loved my appetite for all things dark and painful.

The music is trance. Perfect, I think, as it throbs in time with my aching hand.

The bar is to the left, tended to by an exotic looking woman with flowing black locks and large supple breasts overflowing a scarlett corset, and a topless dark haired man with immaculate arms. A fire burns, the flames dancing playfully, as we make our way to a couch in the centre of the room.

“Is this what you had in mind, sugar?” you ask, tickling my ear with your tongue.

You know it is.

My body begins to tremble with anticipation. I raise my eyes to yours.

“Kiss me,” I say.

Our lips meet. Tongues mingling, tasting, licking. We pull apart and begin looking for an engaging couple or two. We have quite a few to choose from.

“Over there.” I point towards the bar, where a man and woman are being served fresh drinks from Ms Exotic and Sexy Arms. They turn. Their eyes scan the room, obviously on the prowl for a couple of their own, just as we are. Our eyes lock.

“They’re the ones I want,” I say to you.

You pull me onto your lap. Your face nuzzling the back of my neck, you reach around and slowly begin to unbutton my shirt. Our raven haired lady smiles. I wave them over.

They move toward us. Her companion sits in the chair directly in front of us.

“Go on,” he urges her. “Let me watch.”

She kneels before us and places her glass to my lips. “Drink,” she says. I open my mouth and let the champagne pour in, flooding my senses.

You move your body away from mine and slide to the end of the couch.

“Kiss her,” you order.

I lean forward and lower my head to Ravens. I trace my tongue around her lips – her perfect lips – and run my hands through her hair.

“Ladies,” her companion says. We look at him through heavy eyelids, awaiting our orders. “Remove your tops.” We oblige.

You and he gaze at us, our bare breasts only inches away, and then at each other – as if sizing one another up. You smile and silently agree to share command.

“Lick my baby’s nipples,” you say to her.

Still kneeling before me, her mouth inches closer, closer. Her tongue begins circling. Licking. Small strokes, then long. Sucking. My breasts between her lips, electricity surging through my body. Those full red lips.

“Harder,” I murmur. “Harder.”

“Bite her a little,” he says. She nibbles, clamps down. A jolt of pain. She pulls back and I whimper, but in a good way.

A trickle of blood runs down my breast and I laugh.

We take a breather and order more champagne.

We sit drinking, giggling; drunk with lust and alcohol.

You take my hand, just so I know that you’re there. Exploring our sexuality together. We are one.

Raven reaches her hand out and strokes my face, then climbs on top of you, your faces an inch apart. She kisses you. Long and hard. Licks your cheek, your chin.

I watch you with her, my nipples erect and exposed.

Her lover sits beside me, watching me watching you. I turn to face him. His eyes as green as yours are blue. He is beautiful. He is hard.

I stand before him. My hands clumsily unzipping my skirt. It falls to the floor.

I dance for him. I am a goddess. A kitten. No, a panther. His hands begin to roam. They stop, resting on my hips as I move my body for him.

His fingers start to crawl again. And his eyes – those eyes - intense. Drinking me in. I lean into him. His mouth barely grazing my breast before I pull away. I tease and turn away from him. He pulls me onto his lap. My back to him, he nibbles on my shoulder and squeezes my nipples. We watch you. And her.

Clothes discarded on the floor, she straddles you on the couch. Your hands on her ass. Cock standing tall, not yet inside of her. With high heels on and her breast at your lips, you suck. She moans into your ear.

“So good,” she murmurs, trembling under your touch.

I reach behind and expose Green Eyes erection. So big and hard in my hand. I squeal with delight and gently begin to pull.

His fingers in between my thighs, rubbing my clit through my G-string. So wet. He moves my G to the side. My pussy greedily welcoming two fingers. First one, then the other.

Ravens head now between your legs. Your breathing staggered as you watch another man finger me.

The exotic woman from behind the bar sits beside us and slowly begins to touch herself.

I raise my body slightly and my green eyed lover enters me roughly from behind. Just the way I like it.

You lead Raven to the back of the couch. Bend her over. Enter her and thrust. Long and hard. Her beautiful breasts bouncing freely. Sharp breaths escape her lips.

I turn my head, our eyes lock. Yours and mine.

One hand around my throat, his other placed firmly on my back. I raise my body. Up and down.

Exotic on our left begins to moan.

He thrusts harder, faster. Ramming me down onto him. Slamming his cock in and out of me.

“Hurt me,” I beg.

He grabs a breast. Squeezes to the point of bursting. I am panting. Eyes closed. I hear the sounds of sex all around me. I smell it.

Ravens voice. “Fuck me harder,” she pleads.

My eyes open. She is on the verge of orgasm. Her body twitches, sweat dripping from you both. You slam into her with force and the two of you groan simultaneously. You are done. You lean into her, both spent, and gasping for breath.

Seeing. Hearing. Smelling. Feeling. It all becomes too much and I feel my body letting go. He enters me once more and I come; drowning his cock in my juices. He shudders, releasing his load.

I purr with satisfaction.

You walk over to me, take my hand and pull me into your arms. Holding me, I know that you are here and real. I love you.