Billy Jette

She knew it was his day off. With her car parked around the corner, out of sight of suspicious eyes, she tried to undo the front-gate latch without a click. The element of surprise would be as much of a turn-on as what was to follow.

She tiptoed down the side of the house, and gingerly tried the wire security door at the back of the house. It was unlocked as usual. Quietly entering the house, she could smell cigarette smoke. It reminded her of her teenage years. All those years ago - the pubs, the bands, the parties, kissing boys in cars, being fondled by boys in the sand dunes, the boys who would chase her and the boys she idolised. He was one of the boys she adored – her first love, so he would always hold a special place in her heart. And now it was 22 years later; they were adults with their own children, and they were each in a steady relationship. But since they had met up again they could not get enough of each other.

He had told her of his shower fantasy and she wanted to surprise him.

The bathroom was very handy to the back door. She slipped off her skirt and her top, leaving just her purple lace bra and undies. If he walked in now, she would at least look sexy if not wet like he imagined in his dreams of her. In fact, she was wet with anticipation, but it had nothing to do with shower water.

Reaching in though the shower door, she turned on the mixer tap and tested the water temperature. Perfect. She set the massage shower head to the ‘pulse’ setting. Surely he would hear that, and be heading down the hallway. The scene of their last encounter. She shivered thinking about it, as she unhooked her bra and pushed her undies down her legs stripper-like in case he got there in time for the show. He did. He smiled a wicked smile as she threw her knickers at his face with a giggle.

As she stepped into the shower, he started undressing himself. The water tingled on her skin as she watched him and started lathering herself with soap. Since he had told her his fantasy, showers at home had been lots of fun, even if only in her mind. Sometimes when thinking of him, the shampoo bottle had been a substitute for him.

But now he was in there with her, positioning himself behind her and stroking her stomach and her waist while kissing her shoulders and neck. He knew what she liked; she made it very clear what she wanted. She responded to his sensuous touch by rubbing her bum against his cock, which was already hard, but stiffened more from this attention. His hands moved up to her breasts and he pinched both nipples hard between each thumb and forefinger. ‘Oh God!’ she gasped as she grabbed the top frame of the shower screen to balance her tensing body. With one hand still holding a nipple, he pulled the shower head off its hook and positioned it on her clit. She sighed loudly as her body quivered involuntarily, and he hadn’t even been inside her yet.

She was the sort of woman who was not content with one orgasm. She fumbled behind her for his dick and showed him where she wanted it. She rose up on her toes, still hanging on to the top of the shower screen, to receive him at the right angle. ‘I want to taste you first’, he said. He was down on his knees in an instant, licking her from behind in long strokes from her labia to her arse. She luxuriated in the feeling and touched her toes to get the maximum effect. ‘OOH I love that’, she whispered.

‘But I want you inside me.’

Back on his feet, he obeyed her demands, entering her and pumping away. She was enjoying it in her customary vocal manner, and was feeling fit to burst, but in the back of her mind was his mention of the fact that he had rarely ejaculated when given a head-job. She wanted to make sure she was one of the few to give him that experience. Maybe, she thought, if he was already close to the edge, there would be a better chance of success. So she straightened up and stopped him screwing her.

She turned around and kissed him for the first time today, a long soft kiss, water pouring over their faces as they felt their chests against each other. She pulled back, looked him in the eye and grinned. When she nibbled his earlobe, he groaned. She kissed his neck, licked both his nipples lightly and made a bee-line down his stomach to his waiting cock.

Teasing at first, she circled her tongue around its head. She loved its shape. Her tongue darted into its tip and then followed the length of it, down to his silky balls and up again. She savoured the sexual mixture of his flavour mingled with hers in the shower water. Covering her teeth with her lips, she took the whole length of his dick deep into her mouth. She was surprised how turned on she was by being in a submissive position.

He gripped her hair through all his fingers and threw his head back as if to get air. He moved her head up and down gently and she responded with a sensuous ‘Mmmm’.

His knees went weak and he steadied himself against the shower wall, but now she had his balls in her hand. The point of no return. He closed his eyes and could only see white light in his mind’s eye. For the first time in years, he said her name, as he came in her mouth with a shudder that coursed through his entire body.