Riding The Train

Ambient Storm

He leans across the table and kisses my neck. Then gently whispers in my ear…

“Go to the bathroom and take off your panties.”

I smile and nod, eager to be rid of the thin fabric riding between my wet pussy lips.

I excuse myself from the table and dash off to the bathroom. Entering the stall, I click the lock and hike my skirt up. My fingers reach inside the corners at my hips and slowly push my panties toward my thighs. I feel my face flush with excitement.

Sliding them all the way down and stepping out of them feels deliciously... naughty. Good thing Santa already got my letter! I slip the panties into my purse and unlock the door. Looking down, I realize my hands are trembling.

I walk somewhat unsteadily back to the table where he waits. He’s leaned back against the booth, his legs in front of him, crossed at the ankle. My eyes run up and down his unbelievably long legs, finally resting on his boots.

“Hey baby” he says, laughing at me. I snap my head up to look into his smiling eyes and feel suddenly embarrassed. I squirm ever so slightly and he winks. He knows I am neither embarrassed nor squirming out of any discomfort for the situation.

He pats the seat next to him and I slide into the booth. It seems like an eternity, but eventually we get the check. He pays it and we gather our packages and head for the train station.

We have 15 minutes to kill, and I’m suddenly nervous. He’s just too happy -- and as we stand in line waiting for coffee he reaches up under my skirt (which by the way, is fairly tight) and squeezes my ass, then lets his fingers linger at the cleft of my cheeks.

I turn and whisper to him that we have a long way to get home and he should be good. He raises his eyebrow and laughs. Somehow I don’t think he cares that we have a train ride, then the el, before we get to our car. And then a 20 mile drive back to the house. Reminding him of just how frustrating that could be falls on deaf ears. He pinches my ass and I jump, almost spilling my coffee. This amuses him the same as when I say ‘ow’ when he sneaks up behind me and swats my ass. He knows it neither hurts nor surprises me.

Walking toward the train he lags slightly behind me, which ALWAYS makes me jumpy because he is usually ready to spank or pinch. Of course, I want him to spank or pinch but for some reason it speeds me up. I climb the stairs and head to the back of the car. I slide in against the window, waiting for him to sit down next to me.

Instead, he walks up, puts his hand on the back of the seat in front of me, and flips it so it faces my way. He slides in across from me and places his foot between my ankles.

Oh, he is such a bad boy. I giggle and cross my legs, looking out the window at the darkened platform, as the train slowly churns to life and begins to move. I stammer something about someone needing the seat and he shrugs and tells me we’ll see. For a moment a terrifying, albeit exciting, thought comes to mind. If the train ends up being crowded, what if a stranger sits across from me instead of J?

As if reading my mind he motions for me to sit next to him and I do. Then he switches and sits in the seat I was in! I laugh at him but then realize why he has turned me toward him, and essentially the wall of the car.

For his eyes only. I love to be exposed to him. I slide my shoe off and spread my legs, placing my foot on the seat next to his thigh. His hand reaches down and caresses my calf. He looks into my eyes and shifts a bit in his seat. My hand falls to my thigh and snakes it way up my skirt, over my stocking tops, and I feel the silky smoothness of my lips, mixed with the slickness between them.

I watch his eyes dart around the train car for a sign to stop but see none. He nods almost imperceptibly to me and I slide my fingers between my wet lips. Now his attention falls to my hand, while his hand grips his hard cock through his jeans. I bring my other leg up and spread my knees wide, moving my hand so he can see my silky smooth pussy. I look back over my shoulder but everyone in the car is facing the other way, oblivious to this display between us.

My clit and inner lips are swollen and wet, unfolding like a flower, opening my pussy for him. I lick my lips at the sight of his cock straining against the front of his jeans. Soon the conductor will file through the cars expecting tickets, and we only have a few stops.

I bring my fingers to my lips and lick them off, smiling coyly at him, and bring my feet back down, my legs back together. I twirl around and slide onto the seat next to him. Leaning over, I kiss him and run my fingers under his nose. He inhales deeply.

And then it is our turn to depart. We gather our belongings and walk toward the el platform. It seems our legs are shaky, but it could be just mine. His stride picks up speed and he grabs my hand to fly up the stairs to meet our next transportation.

The el is crowded and I follow him to the nearest space with a bar to hold. He motions for me to stand in front of him. I welcome the chance to rub up against him. My pussy is on fire, and I feel as if the wetness will reach my thighs and everyone will know.

The train lurches into action and I stumble slightly, then recover my ‘sea legs’ and move back against him. His palm comes to rest on my lower belly and he pushes himself into me. I push back playfully until I feel skin. Warm skin. Hard skin.

His hand reaches for my hair and he snaps my head back to kiss me as his cock enters me from behind. Short, hard, staccato fucking. I want to scream it feels so good. He releases my hair but holds his mouth to my ear warning me to stay quiet or he’ll stop. I nod and bite my lip as his boot gently moves my legs apart further. Putting my jacket in front of me I reach down and slowly finger my clit. J grabs my shoulder and pulls me back on his cock. My gasp brings a hint of recognition from the man sitting a few seats in front of us, but everyone else is seemingly oblivious. I lock eyes with him and he smiles. A beautiful, knowing smile, devoid of any lechery. My fingers move quicker over my swollen clit and as the train pitches and reels around corners on its way to our stop, I cum, flooding his cock with my juices. My cunt grips him and pulls the nectar from his pulsing cock.

The train slows and I’m afraid to move or look at J. By the time I regain my composure, J is re-dressed and gathering our packages.

As I walk past my voyeur, his hand reaches forward and I slide my fingers across his palm.

Looking back at the window as the train pulls away, I see his hand come to his nose. I smile and look at J. We both laugh.

We take a deep breath and approach the stairs.

This time it’s not imagined. Our legs are definitely shaky.

Ambient Storm conjures intense sexuality with her unique and stylish wordplay. Unleashing everything that is good about sex...feel the X-rated fury of Ambient Storm's Provocative Persiflage.