Pool Boy

Amanda Fox

Summer – it was the reason that Joe and I’d bought the place. From the hundred-year-old oak tree in the front, to the perennial gardens and stand of lilac bushes in the back, the lot was spectacular, not to mention that it had an amazing inground swimming pool and outdoor kitchen. With only a few houses in the area, the three thousand square foot ranch on an acre lot was the kind of property that rarely came up for sale, so when it did, we jumped at the chance to buy it.

“We’re gonna need to hire a gardener and a pool guy. I don’t have the time and I’m sure it’s not something you want to do,” Joe had said.

“I’ll ask Ron and Sheila who they use.” Joe was right. I neither had the time or the inclination to look after the yard. I only wanted to enjoy it.

So when Nick first came to the house, I was out the back doing what I did best – lounging in the pool. “’Excuse me. Do you know where I can find Mrs. Sullivan?”

“That’s me.” I glided over to the ladder and climbed out, the sun warming my cinnamon-colored skin. “Would you mind passing me that towel?” I pointed to the large bath sheet I’d left on the deck chair.

Patting myself dry, I surveyed the man in front of me. In a white t-shirt and well-worn cargo shorts, he didn’t appear much older than our twenty-year-old son Sean, but as I looked closer, I could see faint wrinkles at the corners of his eyes and around his mouth. Probably in his early thirties, he had dirty blonde hair, an unshaven face, muscular legs and broad shoulders. “Please, call me Sophia.” I twisted the excess water from my ringlety mane – darkening the patio stones at my feet – and I held out my hand.

“Pleasure to meet you, Sophia. My name is Nick.” His grip was strong but not overpowering.

“Your husband asked me to come. He said you’d be here.”

“I’m always here, Nick.” I liked his name, among other things. “I work from home.”

“What do you do?” he asked, assessing the surrounding property.

“I illustrate children’s picture books,” I said, admiring his sea blue eyes and shapely lips.

“Interesting. I can’t draw, but I do write.”

“Really? What?”

“I’m trying to become a screenwriter. Can’t you tell by the outfit?” he peered down at his clothes and smirked.

I thought his outfit was pretty nice, his shorts hanging at just right level around his hips. “Any success?” I wondered what he looked like naked.

“I’ve had a few things published but nothing big.”

“Keep at it. It’ll happen. In this industry, you need perseverance.”

There was an awkward silence as we both just stood staring at each other. Then, like he’d suddenly remembered why he’d come, Nick began fishing in his bag for a pen and some paper. “Do you mind if I make some notes?” he blurted.

“Go ahead,” I mumbled, zeroing in on his crotch. “I was just about to have some lemonade. Would you like a glass?” Wrapping my towel tightly around my waist, I turned to look for my flip-flops.

“No thanks. I just need to check a few things and I’ll be on my way.”

“Too bad,” I sighed. “I mean, suit yourself.” No doubt, the man was gorgeous. Like a younger and better-looking Nick Nolte, he had the same square jaw and smoldering sex appeal. The summer was sure to be interesting.

* * *

Over the next eight weeks, Nick came to clean the pool every Friday after lunch, and when he did, I found it nearly impossible to focus on my work. While he measured and poured, skimmed and scrubbed, I sat and watched from behind my sunglasses. A few times – on the hot days when he went shirtless – I even dared to touch myself inside the kitchen, fondling my breasts and caressing my cleft as I stood and eyed him from the window over the sink. By mid-summer, my bronzed god had become a serious addiction.

As it was that I thoroughly enjoyed Nick’s presence, I was terribly disappointed by the fact that he didn’t seem interested in trying to get some lonely housewife – me – into the sack. Down-to-earth and smart, he always kept things very professional. Every now and again however, I’d catch him giving me the once over, like when I’d sunbathe in my bikini and he’d surreptitiously peruse the contours of my body.

One humid afternoon as I reached for my drink, I got lucky and caught him in a direct stare.


“Oh, sorry Mrs. Sullivan. It’s just that… well… you look so stunning in that bathing suit. White is the perfect color for you. It goes great with your skin tone.”

“Why thank you, Nick.” I gave my hair a toss and poised myself in my best “come fuck me” position. I needed to get him to relax, to make a move, to do something about my starving libido.

“So tell me, Nick. Are you married?”

Blatantly ogling my breasts, I wondered if he’d given up on trying to be polite. “No,” he said.


“No.” Seemingly embarrassed, he batted the skimming pole back and forth between his palms.

“Guy friend?” I was praying he wasn’t gay.

“No,” he answered plainly.

“I can’t believe someone as nice and as attractive as you doesn’t have a partner… or at least, a lover.” And like I meant to avoid getting tan lines, I undid the ties of my bikini top and tucked them in at the sides.

Nick observed me carefully. “I was engaged once, but she left me about two years ago. She said I didn’t make enough money to support her lifestyle.”

“Ouch. That’s harsh.” I lay back on my chair, rubbing over my collarbone, like the heat was getting to me. Indeed, something was getting to me.

“Yeah, I’ve tried to steer clear of women ever since.”

“It’s not fun getting hurt.” He must be so horny, I thought.

Waiting until he’d come around to my side of the pool, I then dared to remove my top fully, placing it slowly, fluidly onto the ground. Once exposed, my nipples were like tiny pebbles on my chest.

“Do you like what you see, Nick?” I asked, caressing over the ampleness of my bosom. It was time to be bold, time to take charge, time to get laid.

Nick’s mouth was practically hanging open and on his next step, he almost fell into the water. “You are a very sexy woman, Sophia.”

“Thank you. And you must know that I think you are a very handsome man.”

“I wouldn’t want to cause any trouble between you and your husband.”

“Don’t worry about that. Mr. Sullivan is gone more often than he’s not, and he likes it that way.”


“I am free to do whatever I want. Besides, he won’t be home until next week.”

“It really is nice here,” he said, motioning to the flowers and bushes before refocusing his blazing eyes back onto me. “If you don’t mind me saying, the first time I came here, I thought this was the most beautiful place I’d ever seen…” he paused, “and I thought you were the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen.”

“Oh, Nick. You don’t have to sweet talk me. I’m already interested.”

“Sorry. But it’s true.”

“I’m glad you think so. Maybe if you came a little closer, you’d like me even better.”
Nick remained frozen in contemplation. After a few moments however, he began padding slowly across the deck. “Are you sure it’s OK?”

“It’s more than OK.” I readjusted my bottoms, lifting the sides just enough to give him a peak at my privates, the nectar of my womanly desire already weeping out onto my inner thighs.

When he’d gotten to within a foot of my chair, I stood, the heat between us more than palpable.

“You smell good, like sunshine and flowers and a bit like chlorine,” I giggled, reaching out to run my finger from the hollow of his throat to the waistband of his shorts. “You can touch me, you know.”

And like he’d been waiting his whole life, he grabbed my ass and pulled me in close, the bulge in his shorts readily apparent against my belly. “Do you know how beautiful you are?”

“Kiss me, Nick…”

Before setting his lips to mine, he slipped his hand inside the front of my bikini bottoms and fingered my moist slit, our eyes locked. “You are very wet,” he whispered. “And your breasts are so perfect – with these chocolate nipples.” Leaning down, he took me into his mouth, simultaneously fondling my pussy, his hand working over and around and between my slippery folds.

“More Nick, more…” I begged.

When at last he came up for a kiss – sucking and nipping wantonly at my lips and tongue – I knew that his inner bad boy had finally been released. “Oh my god, Nick.” I opened my mouth wider and spread my legs further, pushing for him to brutishly violate both areas.

“Your pussy is so sweet, Sophia,” he groaned on a breath. “I’ve wanted to touch it and taste it since the day we met.” With that, he drove what felt like three digits deep into my channel, jabbing at me with such enthusiasm and fervor that I nearly crumpled to the ground. In and out, in and out, he finger-fucked me into oblivion. When he took to rubbing my clitoris with his thumb, I burst. “Niiiiickkk…” I cried, a slow, steady release washing over me for the first time in weeks.

Once the contractions had stopped, I looked at his face – I mean I really looked. He was so sexy – soulful eyes and a mischievous mouth. “I needed that,” I said, exhaling blissfully. “Now come on.” Pulling playfully away, I was ready to squeeze every ounce of enjoyment out of Nick that I could get. “Let’s go for a swim.” I wanted to know what his body felt like under the water. “I promise. It’ll be fun.” Quickly stepping out of my bottoms, I skipped giddily over to the edge of the pool and dove into the deep end, swimming all the way to the other side where I emerged, a mermaid ready to be taken by her earthly lover. “The water’s great.” Nick’s eyes were bugging out of his head. “No suit. That’s the rule.”

“Oh really?” Already unbuttoning his shorts, the muscles in his arms and chest flexed as he moved.

“Boxers next,” I cajoled, eager to see his penis after so many months.

Slowly, he took off his underwear to reveal an adequately long and very thick almond-colored post.

“How’s this?” He gave it a poignant stroke.

I could hardly wait to get my hands on him. “Perfect. Now get in here.”

“Are you sure nobody is going to see us.” He headed toward me, his penis bouncing up and down.

“You could yell as loud as you want and no one would ever hear you.”

Wading down the steps into the shallow end – his spear ready for battle – he asked, “Do you plan on yelling?”

“Depends on what you do to me.”

When he’d advanced so that the water was just above his knees, I floated in close and set my hands on his hips, my face two inches from his manhood. “You look like you need something.”

“Mmmmm…” he moaned, a pearl of pre-cum sparkling at the tip.

“I’ll take that as a ‘yes’.” And so saying, I cupped his testicles, testing the heaviness of each sack.

“My goodness, you are full.” His rod jumped when I said this and he thrust his hips forward in anticipation. “Do you know how much I’ve wanted you, Nick?” I gripped him hard, the vein running the length of his shaft suddenly protruding as more blood rushed to the area. “Do you know how many times I’ve dreamt about you? How many times I’ve watched you from inside the kitchen while you were working? How many times I’ve touched myself, wishing you would ram me with this big beautiful cock of yours…” Pressing my fingers firmly to his velvety underside – my thumb a fiendish button on top – I stroked and massaged him like I was plying the skin off a snake.

“Jesus, Sophia…” Opening my mouth, I then took him inside, swirling and sucking – fast and slow, hard and soft – until Nick was on the verge of exploding. Not about to let up, I increased the already furious pace, the notion that he hadn’t been with a woman in forever setting me on fire.

His cock, my face and hand slick with his juices and my saliva combined, it was a wet and luscious affair, if not slightly mad. Powerful and potent, it was a sequence like that of a runaway train speeding down a steep hill, and there was no doubt in my mind: Nick was going to cum whether he liked it or not.

“That’s it – do it. Fucking do it...” he growled, grabbing the back of my head with both hands – his fingers gnarled in my hair, his nails digging into my scalp. As he fucked my face – shoving at me for all he was worth – it was all I could do to manage. I had to let go of his penis and hold onto the back of his thighs, letting him plunge and retreat of his own accord – in then out, in then out, he bucked and heaved until on a particularly violent trio of thrusts, he shot his spunk to the very back of my throat, the thick salty cream so bitter yet so satisfying. Borderline choking, I took it all.

Afterwards – after I’d thoroughly licked him clean – we swam for a bit, splashing and playing like kids before making our way back on deck to bask in the glow of our unbridled lust. A few minutes later – delighted to have this gorgeous man sprawled out naked beside me – I spread my legs and began stroking myself. “Nick,” I purred. “I need you to do something.” I couldn’t get enough.

“What is it Sophia?” he asked, turning to take in the view.

“I need you to… you know…” I slid a finger inside my tunnel.

“It would be my pleasure,” he said, sliding off his own chair to immediately climb onto mine.

“Lick me, Nick,” I pleaded, prying open my labia. Smiling devilishly, Nick then moved in to inspect my furrows and pinch at my engorged nub, his tongue a wonderful, magical instrument of pleasure.

Closing my eyes, I let him take me; I let him do whatever he wanted while I just lay there. And for the next ten minutes he was everywhere, in and out of every orifice – in my pussy, in my mouth, and in my ass, laving and caressing until I’d cum a good two or three more times. When I didn’t think I could endure much more, I cried, “Stop Nick.” There was one last thing I needed him to do.

“Is something wrong?” His face was glistening with my juices.

“It’s time,” I murmured, bouncing onto my hands and knees, wiggling back at him. Straddling the chair – his feet planted firmly on the ground, his penis straighter and harder than a steel fence post – he moved forward and nudged at my opening. Prefacing his next move with a grievous smack on my ass, Nick then shoved forward, impaling me with his sword. As the sun shone down and the birds chirped, I savored the ravenousness of his hunger, Nick drilling into me so ardently, so ferociously that I wondered if I’d ever be able to walk properly again.

In… in… in… he plunged like his aim was to penetrate, but to never come back out. Yes, the onslaught was savage at first – unbearable almost – but then unexpectedly he slowed, winding into me with a measured and tranquil rhythm. Time stood still when he stretched my ass cheeks apart and the coolness of the outside air invaded my tight little hole. “Jesus, Nick…” I sighed, rubbing fervently at my clitoris.

“Sophia, I… I’m gonna…” And that was all he said as on one impassioned drive, Nick stuttered another load of jism into my aching passage, his hipbones devastating my fleshy behind, the rigor of his pounding practically enough to send me flying.

The only thing that made it tolerable in the end was the fact that I came again as well, though admittedly, this one was less intense than the rest.

After we’d both stopped shaking, Nick pulled out and flopped onto his chair. “Wow,” he exhaled. “That was… crazy.” He wiped the perspiration from his brow.

“Crazy…” I agreed. And for the next hour or so – reveling in the bloom of our connection and in the beauty of the trees and gardens around us – we rested and talked and laughed, sharing some iced-tea and take-out club sandwiches.

“It is like paradise here,” Nick said, the afternoon waning peacefully.

“Paradise indeed.” For me, I knew it wasn’t getting any better than Nick.

“Well, I guess I’d better be going.” My perfect lover got up to gather his stuff. With his bag slung casually over his shoulder, he said, “Bye, Sophia.” Then walking toward the gate, he fluttered an affectionate wave and blew me a kiss. “I’ll see you next week.”

A brown squirrel scampered nimbly across the lawn and jumped up into the oak tree. “I’ll be here.”

I smiled, thoroughly exhausted but happier than I could remember.