Panty Test


Tina McKeon

"I brought new panties today!"

"Shall I model them?" I inquired in a seductive way

My lover's taut body was draped across the bed

Yet, he rose in attention for what I said

Darting to the bathroom with no rush to emerge

He groaned in impatience; control on the verge

Minutes elapsed before I made my grand reveal

Posed in the doorway to gauge his appeal

Instantly, his eyes feasted upon my naked breasts

Aroused nipples hardened against my silent protests

I asked if he approved of what I was wearing

His silent gaze upon my crotch left me feeling daring

With ease, my fingers traced along the seam of black lace

Disappearing beneath that camouflaged, secret place

Stroking my pussy, once then twice

Reveling in being naughty, instead of nice

It was a sneaky tactic, for which I felt no shame

Yet, I wanted his participation in this "touching" game

Walking toward him with an intentionally slow stride

He rose from the bed with an eagerness he could not hide

Once again, I was greedy to play the tease

"Answer my question, then you'll get what you please."

Ignoring my command, he roughly grasped my hand

On his bulging erection, it did land

Unable to suppress, I exhaled a soft hiss

My stunning reaction, he opted not to dismiss

"Perhaps this answers the question that you seek?"

He did not wait for me to speak

In a heartbeat, the panties hit the floor

My agenda not important anymore

Call it weak submission, or what you will

Who could retreat from a sexual thrill?