Ooh - It's Ice Cream!


Manxie Blue

Oh, dear God - it’s so hot! Unseasonably hot for the time of year. I’ll be glad to get home and get out of my boring office clothes. I pull into the drive and park my car next to Richard. He’s had the day off - lucky sod!
As I enter the house, I hear him shout “I’m in the kitchen!” 

“Hi there. How was your day?” I ask as I walk through. He’s standing there with a beer in his hand, smirking. 

“I’ve had such a lovely, lazy day - just lounging around and waiting for my wife to come home.” he says, walking over to kiss me. 

“Lucky you. I’ve had such a crap day. I hate my job and I would rather have been here with you - enjoying this sunshine. And the air-con wasn’t working and I’m so hot!” 

A slow, lazy smile spreads across his face and he says, huskily “Why don’t you get undressed?” 

“That sounds like a good idea.” I reply and turn to leave, to go upstairs and change. But he darts forward and grabs me round the waist. 

“No. Take your clothes off here - now!” 

“What?! Are you crazy? The neighbours will see through the patio doors! You know - these ones? The ones wide open!” 

He lowers his mouth to my ear, still smiling and says “I want them to. Let them see how HOT you really are. Then watch as I make you even hotter!” He moves away slightly and then I see the gleam in his eyes - and I’m lost. Dark blue eyes I could swim in - naughty, tempting eyes. His lips curl and smirk at me as he runs his fingers through my hair, pulling me towards him. He kisses me frantically, his tongue probing my mouth. Then he pulls back sharply and tears my blouse open. I gasp as I’m left standing there - clothes ripped, hot and breathless. 

“Get undressed - now!” he orders me with a savagely, sexy growl. 

I remove what’s left of my blouse and fling it at him. He casually puts it on the worktop and stands there staring at me, his eyes never leaving my face. I unzip my skirt and let it fall to the floor, stepping out of it.  

“Leave your heels on.”  

I glare at him, my breasts heaving up and down - partly through fury but mainly through sheer lust. I love it when he gets like this, it usually turns into something special. Holding his gaze, I slowly reach behind and unhook my bra. I let the straps fall tantalisingly off my shoulders before tossing it to him. He catches it and twirls it round his head, like a trophy. My arms are folded, covering my breasts and still my eyes hold his.

“Everything off - NOW!” he almost shouts. I throw my arms open and shudder as a light breeze whispers in through the door, giving me a sudden chill. I hook my thumbs into the top of my panties and slowly lower them over my hips. They silently drop to the floor and I step out of them, flicking them to one side with a foot. 

I’m standing there - naked apart from my high heels. He walks over to me, staring right into me, never breaking eye-contact. Stopping short, he lets his gaze drop, taking in every inch of my body. I can feel my heart pounding as my temper starts to build. 

“Well? Are you going to fuck me - or just stand there and admire the view?” I snarl at him angrily, with my hands on my hips. He leans in and kisses me with such tenderness I almost melt on the spot. Then he turns and walks away, reaching for something just out of my eye line.  

“Sit on the edge of the table. I’ve got a surprise for you.” 

Curiosity roused, I do as he asks and perch gingerly on the edge of the table. As he turns, I see what he has in his hands. “Ooh - it’s ice cream!” I squeal with delight and clap my hands together in excitement. 

A broad grin lights up his face. “Mmmm - I thought you’d be excited.” He peels the lid back and scoops out a small handful of the melting ice cream. Quick as a flash, he throws it at me and I gasp as it hits my breasts. 

“Oh my God!” I cry as the coldness echoes through me and my body heat causes it to melt rapidly. He runs a finger up my stomach and between my breasts where the ice cream is sliding. He scoops up a small amount of the creamy coldness and runs it over my lips. I open my mouth and take his finger in, my tongue licking it all off. Slowly, he takes it out and leans down so he can kiss me. 

I shudder as the ice creams runs down my stomach and he lowers his hands to spread it around. He scoops up some more and massages it all over my breasts. The sudden chill causes me to draw my breath in and I feel my nipples harden. His hands work their magic and he uses his fingers to good effect, tweaking both nipples until they’re standing proud. He holds both breasts in his hands and pushes them together. I put my hands on the table and lean back slightly as he lowers his head. His tongue runs over my mounds of flesh and he kisses them clean, nipping occasionally.


I throw my head back and start to moan as his tongue twirls over my nipples. One hand massages a breast while his mouth greedily sucks and his tongue dances on the other. I can feel the heat starting to rise between my thighs as he plays me like a maestro. His mouth moves from one to the other like he can’t decide which is his favourite. Still suckling and nuzzling, he scoops up some more ice cream and smears it over my stomach. I recline on my elbows and surrender myself to his appetite. His tongue licks down from my happy breasts to my stomach. I feel his hands roaming, spreading the velvety mixture over my warm flesh. I can’t help but squeal with childish laughter when he blows raspberries into my navel.

“Sounds like someone’s enjoying herself.” I hear him mumble, his face buried in my abdomen.  

“Mmmmm……” is all I can manage to respond with. Feeling his hand go between my legs, I lie back on the table in anticipation 

“Feels like someone’s enjoying herself as well.” he says, letting his fingers explore and feel how aroused I am. “Time to cool you down a little.”  

I cry out in shock when a cold burst of ice cream hits me between my legs. “You bastard!” Then, slowly, he slides his fingers all the length of my folds, taking the ice cream with him. I shiver and shake as chills course through me, taking me down a level. I can hear the squelches his hand makes, spreading the ice cream all along my snatch and I wonder how much of the slush is ice cream and how much is my own juice. 

A grating noise stirs me and I open my eyes to see that he’s pulled up a chair and is sitting down. “I hope you don’t mind but I prefer to dine sitting down.” His hands slide from my knees up towards my inner thighs and he spreads my legs wide. Yet another icy blast hits me but before I have time to voice my objections, he sets to warming me up - with his tongue! 

Using his thumbs, he separates my lips and licks the full length of my pussy. His tongue pushes some ice cream inside me and I gasp, arching my back. Long, slow licks punctuated by twirling movements with his tongue drive me wild. The sensation of the cold ice cream mingling with the heat of my desire is incredible. Soft kisses are planted all along my outer lips, his teeth biting me gently.  

“Mmmm - yummy…tasty, creamy girl!” he says before he resumes feasting. His tongue darts in and out of my hole as his fingers pinch my nipples. I’m so aroused that I start to wriggle and squirm and my hands grip the sides of the table to steady myself. He kisses my whole pussy with the same passion that he kisses my mouth and I can hear quiet, slurping noises as he laps up the blend of juice and melted ice cream. Then he takes my hot, swollen clit in his mouth and sucks it softly. His tongue flicks the very tip of it as he sucks and sucks - like I do when I’m down on him. 

I’m so turned on that I’m thrashing and writhing all over the table, making so much noise. But I don’t care - what he’s doing to me is amazing! His fingers probe me as he sucks my clit harder and harder. I can feel the knot of tension deep in my belly and I start to shudder. He resumes eating me, sucking and licking my pussy like it’s his last supper. My thighs clench and my breathing quickens as I ready myself for what can only be the strongest of releases. I’m almost crying in bliss but I can’t quite get there. 

“I can’t…..clit…..cold…..” I whimper in frustration.  

“Soon solve that!” he says but then he puts more ice cream directly on my clit, making me scream out, almost in pain. 

“What the fu…?!” is as far as I get before he takes my clit in his mouth again and starts heating it up. Kissing and sucking, the very cold then the very hot playing sexual havoc with my most sensitive flesh. His knuckles press my folds together as he continues his work. Two fingers fuck me while he licks and sucks me towards the end game.  

My legs start to tremble and my stomach knots. The tension inside builds and builds, my moans and groans increase in both intensity and volume. My hands bang the table as I thrash about. My body temperature becomes stiflingly hot and I can barely breathe.  

“Oh God…yes…yes……” I shout out, surrendering to a series of almighty orgasms. My thighs clash together as wave after wave of incredible ecstasy roll over me. I arch my back until I’m almost doubled over while he holds me tight, drinking in all my hot juices. My vaginal muscles grip his fingers as they continue to probe, throb after throb pulsing through me.  

The tension builds in me again and I feel another strong orgasm begin to erupt. Slow, deep throbs from the pit of my stomach work their way down to my pussy. His tongue flicks my clit in time with each pulse, his strong hands fondle my breasts and my whole body ignites. I hear a deep, sensual groan and realise that it’s me. But it sounds so very far away as I tumble into another world. Somersaulting through the air. Rainbows and stars flying by, flashes of light and a distant voice calling me. 

“Hey! Hey - wake up!”  

I feel strange, like I’m not in my own body. The darkness clears and I see Richard, leaning over me, stroking my hair.  

“Welcome back - you left me for a little while. And just look at the state of my t-shirt!” I turn and look and see that it’s a mess of melted ice cream and quite a lot of other moisture. “When you hit that last climax, you exploded all over me!” 

“Sorry …..totally lost control…..your fault….” I manage to say between trying to catch my breath and trying not to laugh. I’m lying spread-eagled on the table, limbs hanging weightless feeling completely sublime.  

He stands up and pulls his t-shirt over his head then throws it to the floor. A heavy swoosh as his jeans fall down and I glance down to see a rather fine bulge in his shorts. I smile because I know he isn’t finished yet and lick my lips in a suggestive manner. Mirroring my earlier gesture, he hooks his thumbs in the waist of his shorts and slowly lowers them. I gasp in delight as his erection springs free and I see how much it’s twitching. He reaches down and grabs his shorts, twirling them round his head before flinging them somewhere.  

He circles the table before stopping between my legs. Another dip into the tub of very melted ice cream and he splashes a big scoop on my body. It’s still cool but not as chilling as before. Both his hands spread the mixture over my entire body - breasts, stomach, thighs. Then they slowly work their way up my torso and along my arms. Holding my hands, he leans over me, raising my hands over my head. His eyes burn into mine as our bodies touch and I feel him throbbing between my thighs. 

He kisses me passionately but slowly and the ice cream lends itself to a very sexy sliding motion between our bodies. His hands release mine and, as his go lower, I run my fingers through his hair. I feel my heart racing as our tongues entwine as frantically as our bodies. We stop kissing but our lips barely break apart. Fingers slowly tease their way down my stomach and rest themselves on the top of my inner thighs. I raise my head slightly and nibble his lower lip, holding on gently as he pulls away. 

I feel him position himself, the head of his cock ready to invade. I ready myself for that first blissful thrust but he makes me wait. I look at him - his hands gripping my legs, his eyes half closed. I rest my hands against his sticky chest and I can feel his heart pounding in his chest. He still makes me wait and I shift slightly, hoping to goad him into action. My wet pussy pushes against his cock and I feel it jump. 

“For fuck’s sake, woman! You asked for it!” and before I can respond, he plunges fully into me. No matter how many times we fuck, screw, make love, I will never, ever get tired of that first delicious thrust. All in, ball deep, one slow, deep thrust and I’m all his. He starts a rhythm of slow, deep thrusts. The blend of ice cream together with my own, hot juices make such a slick lubricant that I just lie back and enjoy it.


I sigh and mew as he holds me and slides away to his heart’s content. He stops for a second, watching my obvious enjoyment then resumes his mission. A finely tuned piston - back and forth, back and forth. I throw my hands over my head and writhe as my heart bursts inside my chest. His fingers stroke my folds in time with his pounding and I squeal as a thumb presses my clit. 

“Oh yes! More…faster….fuck me….” I cry as he speeds up. 

He grabs my ankles and puts one over each shoulder, stopping for a few seconds to lean forward. I gasp as he presses hard against my clit, triggering a small orgasm. He leans far forward, bending me almost in half. Grinding against me, triggering more orgasms, he whispers in my ear “Just in case you didn’t already know - I absolutely fucking love you. Every single fucking inch of you. Every breath. Every heartbeat.” Soft, butterfly kisses are planted all over my face as we rock together. My spasms keep him deep inside me as I moan and sigh in blissful abandon. 

He straightens up and stands as he prepares himself for his final onslaught. Fully drilled, my legs wrapped around his neck, his hands on my waist. I open my eyes slightly to see him shut his in concentration as he pulls back, almost all the way out. I smile as I brace myself for what I know will be a damn good seeing-to! 

Oh - and he doesn’t disappoint. Over and over, long deep thrusts. His balls slap against my ass as he impales himself to the hilt. Out of the corner of my eye, I can see the tub of ice cream and decide to have a little revenge. I reach in and grab as much as I can and slap it on his cock. He gasps and opens his eyes in surprise. But he doesn’t stop. If anything, it urges him on. I can feel it as his thrusts take it inside me. The shaft lustrous with my juices and the much enjoyed ice cream. His plunges start to get more frenzied - less deep - and I know he must be getting close. 

“Fuck me - fuck me hard!” I growl at him. His face is a mask of concentration but I see his eyes are wild and bright as he fucks me like a jack-hammer. Banging me hard, pounding against my clit, he groans and grunts like an animal. He grabs my ankles and holds them as he leans forward, thrusting madly. I reach down and grab his butt, pulling him as far into me as he can get. He’s just grinding now, like a pestle and mortar. Grinding us hard together. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve come. They’re relentless - one, then another and another.  

My pussy is on fire and I’m glistening with sweat as he grinds himself harder and harder against me. I’m screaming and crying out and I wait for him as he joins me, crying out as he comes, his head thrown back. Guttural groans from deep within and moans of release as he fires into me. I’m beyond sensation - my whole body has been turned inside out. This wonderful man - taking my body and making it his own.  

Still thrusting slightly, gasping and panting, he opens his eyes and smiles down at me. He’s all aglow with his efforts and I raise a hand to cradle his face. Turning slightly, he kisses the palm of my hand and I raise my body to his. He snakes an arm under me and lifts me up, falling backwards heavily onto a chair. Neither of us can speak as we sit there, recovering. Sticky with a combination of sweat, ice cream and assorted sexual fluids, we just sit there, clinging on to each other. 

I feel him subside and come to rest between my legs as my pussy continues to twitch. I’m shivering and trembling but it’s not from the cold. His arms pull me tight and I kiss his neck, still moaning. After a short while - or maybe a long while, who knows - I ease back and look at him. There’s a stupid great smile from ear to ear on his face - and I strongly suspect there’s a matching one on mine! Laughing, he lowers his face to mine and kisses me lightly on the mouth. 

“I hope we didn’t frighten the neighbours.” he says, chuckling, his hands caressing me. 

I bury my face in my hands in mock shame and embarrassment. Shaking my head, I laugh and hold his face in my hands. Kissing him deeply and stroking his face, I want to burst into song, I’m that high on horny hormones. “You are one very wicked man. And that’s why I absolutely fucking love you too. Every fucking inch of you. Every breath. Every heartbeat.”