I’d been working long hours at home and needed a quick escape for a bite to eat, so I came down to the street level café. Dusk was descending slowly, and my will to work had fallen with it. 

The loose curls on his collar were dark with a few flecks of gray, and when he looked my way, his eyes showed wisdom and care. When he spoke to the server, I detected an accent…perhaps Irish. He had the gorgeous black Irish look about him: dark blue eyes and lean muscular body. I ate my croissant while I enjoyed glimpses of him. Alas, I finished and had to coax myself back to work. When I approached the counter to pay my bill, he joined me. He was a tall one with a body that sent shivers down my back and a tickle or two behind my knees. 

“Are ya from around here?” he asked me.

“Yes. And you?”

“No, I’m from Dublin but I’ve recently moved here. I’m wondering where the fun is hidin’.” 

My workaholic lifestyle didn’t allow me much of that.  

“Good question. I’ve been working so much, I’ve forgotten what that is.”

“Well, we can’t have that.” His eyes were deep dark pools of promise, and for a second I was lost in them. 

“The blues bar across the road is pretty good if you like that music.”

“Oh, that sounds grand, but I wouldn’t want to go alone…any chance I can lure you away from the grindstone for a bit?” 

I hesitated when I thought about my burgeoning workload, but a break wouldn’t hurt my productivity, if it wasn’t too long. And those eyes had persuasion skills like I’ve never seen. 

“Yeah…I could use a break.” 

We introduced ourselves and shook hands. He had large, gentle hands and his grasp lingered. As we walked across to the bar, his tall presence beside me with his tight jeans, tweed jacket, and black shirt was having its effect. He placed his hand on my back  and slid it up into my long tresses. My knees were a bit shaky, and my panties were getting wet. A drink would help stave off the jitters I was experiencing. We walked through the dark room, sat at a side table, and ordered a couple of Guinness’. It was too early for a band to be playing, but there was blues music playing in the background. 

“So, what brings you to Edmonton?”

“I’m a travel consultant for a Dublin agency.”

“Oooh, that sounds interesting!”

“Well, the job has its perks, but sometimes it’s a solitary game.”

“Yeah, mine too. I’m an editor for an online publishing company. Great job, but not a lot of human contact, in the flesh, anyway.”

“Well, we might have to do something about that, won’t we?” 

His knee was touching mine, and he rested his hand on my thigh. I didn’t stop him, and he grinned one of those private-joke-kind-of-smiles. Those eyes of his had me entranced. 

He moved his hand up my thigh, closer to my nerve center, and I leaned in to whisper close, not once breaking his gaze. 

“I’ve got an apartment across the street above the café. Why don’t we take our fun over there.” 

In answer, he leaned in and kissed my neck under my hair. He smelled of musk and dark ale. My breath was starting to accelerate, and my heart was getting loud. I wondered if the waitress at the bar could hear it. 

“Sure, Love…” 

Inside my apartment, my coat fell to the floor as he pinned me against the door, our tongues blindly searching. His lips went down my neck, down my chest, and as far into my bra as it would allow. We embraced again and I could feel his cock bursting to get out of his Levis.

I undid the button, unzipped the zipper, and allowed his swollen shaft to explode out of his pants. It was gloriously big and I couldn’t wait to have it inside me. I glanced up and he could see the glee in my eyes at such a discovery. My hands worked his balls and then up and down his cock slowly.  

He raised my arms and lifted my sweater over my head and off. Within another second my bra was flung across the room and my pants were on the floor beneath me. His skin was warm and his big arms comforting and exciting at the same time. He’d been working out. 

“Oh, how could you keep such a lovely body hidden away here in this flat?” 

“Oh, how could you keep this gorgeous cock hidden away here in your pants?” 

I knelt in front of him and slowly licked at the end of his cock, dabbing with my tongue. He leaned back and closed his eyes. He tasted salty and I took more of him in my mouth. He sucked in air and groaned as I firmly held the base with my hand and moved my mouth back and forth over his hard, hard cock.

He was propping himself up with his hand against the door while his other hand was working through my hair. With my other hand, I tugged and caressed his balls and roamed his taut ass and legs. Soon, clutching my hair with both hands and moaning louder, he bucked his hips faster and faster until I felt his cum shoot into my mouth. His orgasm lasted for half a minute or longer and then he lifted me up to his face and kissed me deeply, tasting his own fluids and making mine run even harder. 

“Oh My God…” he breathed. 

He picked me up and carried me to my bedroom. His strong arms were warm and I blissed out for a moment. He placed me on my back on the bed and then removed the rest of his clothes. I couldn’t take my eyes off his older but still rockin’ body. This was so not what I was expecting tonight. 

“Your turn love.” 

With our hands entwined high above our heads, he kissed me for a long time, his weight a gorgeous burden and blessing. Then his mouth headed south. He roamed the geography of my neck, and breasts. He sucked and gently chewed on one very erect nipple and pinched the other in his fingers for a long time. I could barely take it. I was so close to cuming.  

Then he spread my knees and dove into my pussy with his mouth. My back arched and I sucked in my breath. He slipped his fingers into my vagina and I moaned again, an orgasm on the verge. He started licking furiously, his tongue darting around and over my clit while moving his fingers around inside me.

Just when I thought I couldn’t take anymore, he moved up again, slid on a condom, and inserted his huge cock inside me. My orgasm was instant and the biggest ever. I’ve always been pretty vocal during sex, but I’ve never screamed like this. Wave after wave washed over me. As he rode me hard, I fingered my clit and I was able to ride orgasm after sweet orgasm until he came too. 

He slumped beside me and we both laid there while our breathing slowed back to normal.  

“I guess we found some fun, eh?”

“Yeah love, and we won’t lose it again, will we?”