Good, Clean Fun

Nicole Bellina

As I brushed my teeth the thought suddenly occurred to me; the battery operated toothbrush could have more than one use.  I rinsed my mouth quietly, lest my overly inquisitive husband hear me, then looked to see if we had an extra bush attachment (of course we did, my compulsive darling would have to have bought at least four extras for backup).  I popped the new head on and applied the spinning brush to my nipples, and then further south.  I gasped with delight at the sensation.  Yes!  This would provide a nice spark of pleasure to what was destined to be a miserable evening. 

“Honey, is everything all right in there? Don't forget, it's our special night,” I heard from the bedroom. 

“Everything is just fine,” I replied, “I wanted to give my teeth an extra good cleaning.”        

There's really nothing wrong with Alvin, he's just boring. And compulsive. And neurotic. Okay, maybe there were a few things wrong with him, however, when I married him I decided that security was my big priority, and that a scintillating sex life was not.  Lately I have come to regret that, but here I was.  I certainly was not going to give up my lovely home, my burgeoning career, my luxury car and my expensive shopping  habits for a bit of the wild monkey dance, so I found enough things to keep me occupied so that I didn't miss hot, satisfying sex too awfully much.

  Then I started taking dance lessons, and all that changed.  The tango is what did me in.  The smooth, sensual movements, the closeness of a stranger's body next to mine, I now ached for something more and I had begun to look for it.  The toothbrush was not quite the ticket, but it was doing nicely for now.  I orgasmed quietly, yet with more intensity than I had felt for ages.  Then I headed out to endure the mediocre sex that had become our twice a week routine, but this time, thanks to my bathroom buddy, it wasn't quite so torturous.  To be reminded of the pleasure that could be mine but wasn't often brought me to tears, however, that evening, I lay back in satiated bliss and allowed Alvin to perform his tedious sexual routine to the accompaniment of a few well-timed moans from me.  It was over quickly, and we both slept peacefully that night.
The next day Alvin brought me a brochure that he had picked up at the dentist office.
“Hey honey, if you're really interested in taking care of your teeth, why don't we get one of these?  It's a device that hooks to the shower and sprays water between your teeth to clean your gums.  Don't you think this would be great?”
“Hell yes, let's order one right now!” I exclaimed, grabbing the brochure and the phone.  Alvin was surprised yet delighted with my sudden interest in oral hygiene. 
The device was everything I dreamed it would be.  I blasted my nipples with a heavy flow, increasing the water pressure to make them stand up straight and hard. When I aimed a gentler stream at my clit and moved it slowly around the intimate folds and creases, stars went off in my head.  I directed the spray to my ass and enjoyed the tingling sensation it produced. My nether regions had to be the cleanest in town!  Of course we had ordered extra parts.   I took one of the attachments and cut it at the tip to give the water a broader flow.  I told Alvin that I did this so I could clean the shower better.  He was very pleased to see my concern with housekeeping increase, and the fact that I had found a cost-effective way to use the gum cleaning device for an additional task delighted him no end.
After my foray with the dental equipment, I decided that it was time for more sophisticated gadgets.  I snuck into a sex toy store one afternoon, disguised in sunglasses and a hat.  I purchased a dildo that I could use in the shower, since that was the only place that I had any privacy.  I stored it in my tampon box; I knew Alvin wouldn't dream of sticking his hand in there.  I would warm myself up good with the water device, and then stick the suction cup dildo to the shower floor and squat over it.  I could hang on to the grab bars (installed for safety) and ride it hard.  Oh the ecstasy!  The orgasms I had!  Being the consummate shopper that I am, I purchased more goodies until I had a very nice variety to choose from. Some days, I would bring in the water- proof vibrator and rub it over my clit.  When I had been an extra good girl, I got out my anal plug.  I would lube my ass with soap, slide in the plug while straddling the giant dildo, and rocket into space.
But of course, the inevitable was bound to happen.  My current activities were not fulfilling me.  The sleeping dragon had been awakened.  I needed more.

The clerk at the sex toy store smiled at me one day, and commented that seeing as how I came in here so often (my disguises were apparently not working that well), perhaps I would like to have a Girlz Are Naughty party at my house.  This, evidently, was a sex toy party that I would host; the company would provide a demonstrator to attend who would attempt to sell sex toys to all of my friends.  I demurred, but it gave me an idea.  I'll show them a naughty girl, I thought, I'll have my own toy party. 
So a few weeks later, I told Alvin that I was having the girls over for a Kitchen Magician party that weekend and that he would have to leave the house for a few hours.  He was quite elated by the thought that we would soon be having more home cooked meals.  Ha-ha!      

I invited a few of my more adventurous friends, hoping to lure them in with the unusual party theme.  Alica, Trudy and Victoria all let their curiosity get the better of them, and arrived at my Good, Clean, Dirty Fun Party, a bit intrigued and laughing nervously.  I had it catered by my favorite chef, (no, there wasn't really going to be more cooking going on at home!) and a liberal supply of wine and mixed drinks.  There were no toys visible and no annoying hostess insisting that they play stupid party games, so I knew that my friends were wondering what was going on, however, no one turns down free drinks and excellent food, so everyone got into the party mood (meaning slightly drunk) quite quickly.
“Okay my friends,” I finally announced.  “Time to head to toyland.”  I led them to my bathroom, and listened with pleasure as they gasped in amazement.  Candles were lit, the lights were low, romantic music played, and a stunning array of sex toys were displayed like objects d'art.  
“Ladies, I've recently found something very appealing to occupy my time.  Since I know all of you are hot-blooded vixens at heart and are probably not being satisfied by your wimpy men at home,” I began, and noticed emphatic head nodding all around, “I thought you might be interested in sharing my new found pastime.”  With that, I took off my shirt and pants and stood before them in my underwear.  I then took the battery operated toothbrush, put it down my bra and began to move it around.  From there, I moved it to my underwear and let it do its thing.  “This feels unbelievable good,” I informed them.  “I have a nice, new brush for each of you, who wants to join me?”
There was, of course, much embarrassed laughter, but Trudy was the first brave soul to strip and give it a try.  Soon, everyone was half-naked and had one in their hand and was going to town.  I knew they would like it!  I saw six perky nipples and three wet crotches; I could smell their excitement.
“And now, here's another little treat for us.”  I led them to the shower, took off my bra and panties, and demonstrated the water wand first on my nipples, then my clit, then my ass. “I have a wand for everyone.  Anyone feeling brave and uninhibited tonight?” I inquired.  At this, Alicia decided that she had to go.  Well, I knew they all wouldn't last for the entire party.  Trudy and Victoria, however, were soon in the shower with me, wet and naked.  We took turns with the wand, and then I stepped out of the shower and grabbed my dildo of choice.  When I returned, I began to use it on myself, and told the ladies that there were more toys out there for them to play with, all brand new.  Victoria had reached her wild girl limit; she dressed and departed. That left Trudy and me alone. 
Trudy chose her play toy, and rejoined me in the shower.  I took the pretty purple dildo from her hand, spread her pretty pink pussy lips, and slipped it in.  So slick and wet!  I then had her turn her back to me, soaped her chosen butt plug well, and slid it up her ass.  I held it in place with my own body, while I reached my hands around to her front, soaped up her tits and worked the dildo in her pussy.  Her clit was so hard and slippery, her nipples like pointy little pebbles; she was moving rhythmically against me and moaning softly.  Her orgasm rocked her body and I felt the energy coming off of her in waves.
Afterwards, as we lounged in our robes and enjoyed a post-coital glass of wine, I could see that I was going to have to purchase another toy; a strap-on that we could both enjoy together. 
“Maybe we can have these parties once a month?” Trudy inquired.
“Absolutely!” I exclaimed.  “I guess I'll have to buy some pots and pans and cook a few dinners, but it will be worth it.  Do you think the other ladies will come back?”
“Oh sure honey, they'll be back,” Trudy reassured me.   “They just need a little time to explore their inner nasty girl and get used to the idea.  But they'll be back.  We all need some good, clean fun in our lives.”