Glory Hole


Trixie Starr

Simone had lived her entire adult life believing that glory holes were just a myth – until the day she saw one with her own eyes.

She’d read about it in a recent article titled, “The City’s Secret Sex Scenes.” It was a hidden restroom in the back of a converted warehouse that had been transformed into a hipster dance club. You had to maneuver down a narrow hallway near a shipping bay. At the far side, off to the left, was a small, dingy, unpromising door.

Simone pushed it open. This was not the main set of bathrooms for the venue – those were inside the actual club. You had to know this was here in order to find it.

Thankfully, it was empty. Simone had surprised herself with her eagerness to see this place without even the security of a friend in tow. She wasn’t looking for a hook up – she just had to know. She needed to.

From the exterior, it resembled a normal bathroom, with a row of sinks to one side. Once you walked into one of the stalls, you could see that the metal divider between the two units had been replaced with a sheet of particle board. Large, circular holes had been sawed through in about four spots. The wall was also covered with lewd graffiti that made Simone laugh as she read it.

Simone froze as she heard the outermost door being pushed open. “Is anyone here?” a male voice asked. At least he was being polite. Simone stood utterly still and completely quiet. Once he had entered the adjacent stall, she would make a run for it.

“You don’t have to talk if you don’t want to,” the voice continued. “I see your feet.”

Shit! Simone began to panic, and did not know what to do. A random, anonymous coupling had not been on her agenda for the day.

“I…uh…I’m a little nervous myself,” said the disembodied voice. “I never do anything like this. Actually – I don’t know if I can go through with it. I hope you don’t mind.”

The voice was starting to sound familiar to Simone. Or was she imagining it? She heard the door to the other stall click shut. She was still paralyzed with fear.

“Can I, I mean, would it be OK for me to see you?” She had figured it out. It sounded like her boss. Simone even thought she recognized the shoes. Could it be? He continued, “I guess I thought the anonymity would turn me on. But now…I know that it doesn’t.” He was rambling. She could hear the tremor in his voice.

“But, maybe this is your thing, and - I mean, I totally respect that. Jesus, maybe I should just leave.” He sounded utterly dejected.

Simone had had a crush on her boss for as long as she could remember. There were mornings when it was hard for her to look him in the eye because she had spent hours the night before fantasizing and masturbating to the image of him going down on her.

“Wait,” she said, before she even knew what she was doing.

She walked out of her stall.

“Unlock your door,” she told the mystery man. She heard him unlatch it, but he did not move to open it. Simone pushed it open. Yes, it was her boss alright.

His eyes widened as he recognized Simone. “Simone? What the hell?” He seemed agitated. “What’s going on?”

“Ron, you probably read the same article I did. I just wanted to check it out, OK? I’m not here, you know, looking for some action!” she smiled at the thought.

“Do you know how dangerous it is for you to be here by yourself?” He really was mad.

“I didn’t even believe this was really here! I thought it was a joke!” she replied. He was starting to get a glimmer in his eye.

“Oh, it’s here, as you can see. I had no idea your curiosity ran along these lines, Simone.”

“Come on, I’m human, like anybody else. I have desires.” She ran her eyes from his shoes to his belt buckle. God, he was hot. His defined muscles showed even through his clothes. His skin was the darkest shade of black she’d ever seen, and it looked as smooth as velvet. She met his eyes.

He was breathing heavily. He still had that strange sparkle in his eye.

“Tell me what you want,” he demanded. Simone was flustered.

“Are you even attracted to me? I never got any kind of vibe,” she replied.

“Simone, there were days when I almost threw you up on the desk. Especially when you walk around in that little black skirt…I swear you wear that thing just to test my resolve!”

Simone was shocked. He had never acted anything but the consummate professional with her. She moved closer to him and placed her hand on his chest.

“How’s your resolve now?” she asked flirtatiously, moving her mouth toward his.

He grabbed her forcefully and pulled her body against his. His mouth came crushing down onto hers. Simone let her tongue slip out to gently trace the opening between his lips. His tongue surged into her mouth, thrusting as if emulating sex. His hand clamped onto her breast, squeezing rhythmically. She moaned and let her hands run over the contours of his firm, round ass.

His face nuzzled against her neck, his mouth nibbling and sucking. “Are we doing this?” Simone asked.

He took one step back and looked into her eyes. He looked crazed. Simone could tell he wasn’t thinking straight. “Fuck yeah – we’re doing it! Feel my cock!” he said in a voice that was just a bit too loud for the confined area where they were standing.

She cupped the protrusion in his pants. He was right – he was rock hard and ready. She had always suspected he’d be well hung, but what she had just felt had been enormous!

“I want to lick you,” he told her, “I want to hear you come.” He hiked Simone’s sweater dress up above her hips and pulled her panties down to her ankles in a single motion. Kneeling in front of her, he stroked her clit and glistening folds with his hand before slipping three fingers inside. As his tongue began maneuvering around her clit, Simone grasped his shoulders with both hands. He was fully in the moment, licking, sucking and nibbling her hungrily as wave after wave of pleasure rolled down her spine and belly. It was really happening, just like in her fantasies. Simone almost couldn’t believe it. Just seeing him there on his knees in front of her made Simone feel like coming.

“Mmmm, you taste good,” he told her. Now he was alternating between sucking her clit and gently pulling on it between his thumb and forefinger. With his other hand still inside her, he pressed her g-spot. It was more than Simone could take. With a shudder, she began to spasm and come helplessly under his expert touch. As her muscles greedily clenched and convulsed around his fingers, he wore a look of supreme satisfaction.

“Oh my God, I came so hard!” Simone exclaimed.

“I know,” said her boss with a huge smile. He sat down on the toilet.

“Your turn,” Simone told him, kneeling and working to unfasten his pants.

“Take off your clothes,” he told her. Simone stripped naked. He turned her around and pulled her down onto his lap, penetrating her at the same time. “Now I’m fucking you, Simone,” he whispered into her ear, his fingers playing with her nipples. “Do you like that?” She pushed down and back, trying to get as much of him inside of her as she could.

“Yes!” she gasped.

He held her hips as he continued thrusting. He was kissing and softly biting her shoulder. She opened her legs so she could reach down between them and fondle his balls.

“Where do you want me to come?” he grunted.

“Come in my mouth.”

They switched positions, so that Simone was the one seated on the toilet, while her boss stood facing her, slipping his erection into her mouth one inch at a time. He tasted like her pussy, the thought of which made Simone out of her head with excitement. Simone still couldn’t believe she’d been granted this delicious opportunity. She was the one giving him a job, for a change. And she had something to prove, too! She would show him all the skills she couldn’t list on her resume.

He was almost there – Simone could tell by the way he was gripping the back of her head. His thighs were shaking. He quickly stepped back, holding his cock in his hand, and Simone opened her mouth wide, extending her tongue. She could tell that he wanted to watch the cum spurt out right onto her moist, pink tongue. With a moan, her boss started coming, the white spray squirting down into her mouth. She saw him shudder with each surge.

When he was finished, she made sure that he saw the sheer quantity of pearly liquid balanced on her tongue before she swallowed the rich, salty fluid in a single gulp.

“Damn, I really want to promote you, Simone! You can really take the initiative, when you want to!”

“Boss, I don’t need a new job title, but I do want to negotiate a substantial benefits package,” she joked.

“I see a lot of overtime in your near future,” he joked back.

“I hope so,” Simone replied somewhat dreamily. “What time do I get off?”