On The Farm

They were young lovers who were staying with us at the farm for the weekend. My wife's niece, Jade, and her new boyfriend Daniel, both taking the opportunity for a break from their college studies.

You could tell the chemistry was still fresh and burning between them; I noted with silent and feigned ignorance her hand running under the dinner table last night in a direction I imagined to be his upper thigh area, and his subtle and semi-frequent uncomfortable movements as he tried to no doubt restrain a growing erection.

My wife was oblivious to this, or at least she pretended she was. She is normally very perceptive so she may have twigged at the incredibly high level of sexual heat coming off these two. I was mesmerised to be honest; not in a creepy way, just in admiration at how into each other Jade and Daniel were. I remembered fondly that insanely powerful thrill that comes in the early stages of a relationship, and knew the passion and excitement they must be feeling towards each other. It was tangible. Frankly, it was fun to be around.

At about midnight last night I turned in, having been the last one up. I put out the fire in the wood stove and walked down the hallway towards our bedroom.

As I walked past the guest room, I heard a faint moan from behind the closed door. At first, I didn't realise what I was hearing. But it didn't take long. A steady, rocking metal on wood grinding which I figured to be the bed bouncing along the wooden floor boards, followed every now and again with low groans and the sound of flesh slapping flesh.

I imagined what was happening in our guest room. I pictured a naked Jade with her hands holding onto the headboard of the bed, riding Daniel's naked torso and plunging his big cock deeply inside of her. Ripping her hands over his large chest, leaning down and kissing him, feeling that dick filling her completely.

Or perhaps she was on all fours, head bowed low onto the pillows with her ass pushing back onto Daniel as he fucked her hard doggy-style, pulling her hair back, grinding and thrusting. Her firm breasts would be swaying underneath her, and he would be lovingly enjoying the view of his hard rod sliding in and out of her, with her sweet ass beckoning him on.

The moans turned into a long “yes, yes, yes” before a final grunt. I took that to be Daniel cumming inside her, semen erupting from the tip of his tool within her cunt, dripping out, juices mingling. I pictured them collapsing on top of each, wrapped up in each other's naked bodies. Too lost in the passion of each other to worry about who is sleeping in the wet spot, to exhausted from such an energetic fuck to keep their eyes open.

I came back to my senses quickly. I had really lost myself there; that was unexpected. My normal mind would rally against being the voyeur; be appalled by the concept of eavesdropping. Yet there I stood, absolutely absorbed and captured in that moment. I pulled myself together and went on to bed.

The next morning I was up as usual by daybreak and out attending to the animals as a magnificent sunrise broke over the horizon. Seven years ago we had made the tree change after my wife and I both had been ground down by city life, and it had been the best move we had ever made. I was out in the paddocks as I saw my wife drive past on the nearby road, heading in to town for some shopping. As she tooted her horn I noted she was by herself, obviously meaning Jade and Daniel were still up at the farmstead, probably enjoying a lazy country breakfast and the sunshine.

After another half an hour of moving hay and fixing a falling down fence, I started to head back to the house for morning tea. We have a great many trees on the property, and to walk anywhere on the property is a treat. I followed a path which cut through the trees to wind its way back.

As I approached the front garden, still hidden by the trees, I saw a sight which will stay with me for the rest of my life. Daniel and Jade were naked, and Jade was perched on a low rock wall with her legs spread wide and Daniel, who's broad back and muscled ass made him the vision of a man, on his knees with his head buried deeply in her pussy. Hello! I appreciated the fact they were embracing the moment and getting in touch with nature, but had they completely forgotten I was still present somewhere on the property?? The thought came to me that perhaps that was an additional thrill for them, the risk of getting caught, the throwing off of consequence and just going with the feeling. I froze.

Daniel worked a hand up and grabbed a hold of one of Jade's pert breasts, pinching the nipple and groping the flesh with lust and hunger. His other hand was assisting him keeping her legs wide with what looked like two fingers buried inside her, pulsing in and out, his tongue working feverishly against her clit. Jade's pussy was shaved and looked glistening in the sunshine, she threw her head back and leaned to the rear, taken by the pleasure being delivered by Daniel's fingers and tongue. I saw her body shiver and heard her moan, loving what must have been a powerful orgasm.

Daniel stood up revealing his long, hard cock throbbing in the open air. Jade stretched up and kissed him, wrapping one leg around his waist and literally hanging off him. I thought he was going to fuck her right there and then, but Jade quickly dropped on to her knees in the grass and took his thick dick in her hand, examining it with hunger, before bringing it slowly to her lips and running her tongue over the tip and down along the shaft. She opened her mouth and slid it inside, deeply, moving her entire body forward so she could completely consume him. One of her hands cupped his balls, squeezing lightly, then she removed the dick from her mouth and placed that big sac inside. I could imagine the suction, sucking on one ball then the other, while she jerked him off slowly and deliberately. It was an incredible sight.

Daniel pulled Jade up off of her knees, literally picked her up, before he sat down on the rock wall. He turned Jade around and backed her onto him, positioning her ass perfectly onto his lap. I could see his cock standing strong underneath her as she ever so slowly lowered herself down, impaling herself on his shaft. Her eyes closed and her head rolled, Daniel reached around and again got himself a nice handful of breast. I was totally absorbed in what I was seeing, completely removed from my own body. The sight of this gorgeous young woman fucking this naked stud in my front garden!

Daniel grunted and nibbled along the side of her neck. With one hand still full of breasts, his other hand reached around and down her bald pussy to find her magic button. With this, Jade bucked and sighed, grinding herself hard in a downward motion, sinking that big prick so deeply inside her it must have been almost splitting her in two.

They built their fucking pace to a frenzy; this sexual rodeo getting out of control. Daniel stood and almost threw Jade off of him, before grabbing her from behind, spinning her around and bending her over the rock wall. Jade was supporting herself by propping her body up with the hands, her naked ass wiggling delightfully in the sunshine. Her little breasts hung from beneath her, her whole body was shaking, demanding he fill her up again.

Daniel dropped once more to his knees and buried his face into her pussy from behind. His force was amazing, he literally was eating her alive, tonguing and nibbling and licking for all his worth. He let his tongue wander up and tickled her asshole, whilst thrusting three fingers deep into her saturated cunt.

Daniel stood again, holding his rigid cock in his hand, positioning it at the entrance of Jade's beckoning pussy. He thrust it deeply inside, battering it through any resistance, before grabbing a hold of her hips and pulling her back on to him. He lifted his head to the sun, and for a moment I thought he caught a glimpse of me standing amongst the trees, but his attention returned quickly to Jade and the crunching fucking he was delivering.

Jade cried out in ecstasy, flexing her arm muscles so she could help drive him further and further inside of her. Daniel reached underneath and grabbed a hold of her tit, stroking it and groping it, with firm hands the flesh melted amidst his fingertips.

From the angle at which I stood, I could see the exit and entry of Daniel's cock into Jade's pussy. I could see the sunshine glistening on the moisture on his shaft, the swing and heave of her breasts, the muscles contorting the flesh of Daniel's ass as he summed up more and more strength to deliver his thrusts.

With one last primal yell, Daniel came, blowing his seed into Jade, rolling his hips and providing a playful slap on her ass. Jade looked back over her shoulder and smiled.

Daniel and Jade stood up and gathered their clothes which were scattered around the grass, something which had not even registered my attention before hand. They quickly dressed and embraced, before laughing and sitting down on the rock wall, revelling in the warmth of the day.

I was still standing in basically the same position as I had been when I first came upon them. Nothing had moved on my body that whole time; it was like I had been frozen. A thousand thoughts ran through my mind; should I walk on and casually say hello as I came out on the lawn, or should I hold my ground and retreat? I had no idea, so I just stood there, and waited for their next move.

Daniel and Jade stood up and made to walk inside. Daniel put his arm around Jade's shoulder, and looked to the side in my direction. He made direct eye contact with me, and even from the distance I was at, I could see he winked. So much for my being hidden!

Now there was an interesting tale to tell my wife when next we spoke...