The Exam


Cheryl Dyson

I dangled my feet off the edge of the table-bed-thing and wondered if it had some sort of official medical name. What did the nurse call it? Examination table? Embarrassment station would be more accurate. Feet in the horrid metal stirrups that were set at an angle only a human contortionist could manage, dangling your ass off the edge…

I sighed. Annual gynecological exams were such a delight. Still I did look forward to seeing Dr. Knight. I chuckled at the name. It must be wretched to be a handsome doctor with that name. The White Knight. The Knight in Shining Armor. Mr. Right Knight. Damn, but the man was gorgeous.

As if the word “gorgeous” had been a summons, a knock sounded at the door and said stunning doctor slid into the room. His brilliant smile cut through the chill air like the sun shining through a rain cloud.

“Good afternoon, Miss Connor,” said the most excellently handsome Dr. Knight.

“Hi,” I replied breathily and had a momentary vision of leaping on him and yanking his doctor coat off—along with everything else he wore.

He pulled out my chart and asked his usual barrage of questions as if anything had changed the last time the questions had been asked. I answered automatically while my eyes slid over him.

Dr. Knight had blond hair, cut short on the sides, but longer in the front, so it fell over his incredible grey eyes. He would occasionally give his head a quick toss to slip the hair out of his eyes and I itched to reach up and slide my hands into it. His face was a chiseled marvel, as was his amazing body, although I had to somewhat guess at that, since it was largely concealed by the white lab coat.

He slid his hands—warm!—beneath my shirt in that clinical fashion of doctors everywhere, and pressed here and there, checking for God knew what and succeeding only in raising my blood pressure and heart rate. He noticed that as soon as he pressed the ice-cold stethoscope against my skin.

“Cold enough?” he asked with a grin that nearly destroyed my restraint. God, to kiss that beautiful mouth… “I kept it in the freezer especially for you.”

“You are a cruel, cruel man,” I replied, thinking it was unfair that he was not only gorgeous, but had a sense of humor, as well.

“Thank you.” He moved the device over my chest, asked me to breathe deeply, and slid it around to the back. He pulled away and made a few notes. “Good news. Your heart is beating.”

“Thank goodness I came in. I was worried it had stopped,” I said. Dr. Knight chuckled.

“If you will step into the tiny room and remove your clothing, you may don the attractive and ever-so-modest thin paper garment provided.”

“I’ll bet you say that to all the girls.”

“Well, yes. It’s a difficult job, but someone has to do it.”

I entered the tiny dressing room with the gigantic mirror on the wall and the clinical bench in the corner and pulled off my t-shirt. I had worn my sexiest undergarments, even though the chance of Dr. Knight seeing them was nil. I had also worn my sleaziest pants. They were textured like suede, black, of course, and laced in the front something like a corset, accenting my small waist. I cracked the door.

“Houston, we have a problem,” I said.

“How did you know my first name was Houston?” he asked.

“Your first name is Houston? Houston Knight?” I was completely nonplused for a moment.

“Not really. My first name is Richard.”

Dick Knight? That sounded even worse. Like the name of a porn star.

“People call me Rick,” he continued.

“Thank God. Um… Can you help me for a moment?”

“What seems to be the problem?”

“The lacing on my pants. It seems to be knotted and I can’t get it free.”

I swung the door wide, conscious that I was wearing only my black lace bra on top. It barely concealed my rock-hard nipples. Dr. Knight tried not to notice, and I saw him trying not to notice, and felt a thrill.

I stepped back into the tiny room and pointed to my abdomen where the obstinate knot sat. Dr. Knight—Rick—obediently put his hands out and tried to undo the knot.

He worked at it for a bit, and annoyance finally crossed his beautiful face.

“Perhaps if you used your teeth?” I suggested. He raised a brow at me and I grinned. “I’d do it myself, but I can’t quite reach.”

“No? Damn, I’d hoped you were a contortionist.” So I could get my feet into the damned stirrups, no doubt.

“That’s what all men hope.”

He dropped to his knees and leaned forward to nip at the stubborn knot with his perfect, white teeth. I felt his breath against my belly and nearly couldn’t breathe. Fucking hell, the sight of him down there fairly had me throbbing with lust.

“I could possibly have my license revoked for this,” he commented.

“Is it not in the Hippocratic Oath that you should help people in need?”

“Try explaining that to the Medical Board.”

“Perhaps you should shut the door.”

“I might have loosened it. See if your nails can get it.”

I plucked at the damp knot with my long red nails.

“I think you’re right. A bit more biting should do the trick.”

“Do you say that to all the men you meet?”

“Only the hot ones.”

The grey eyes flicked upward and met mine for a moment. His teeth worked the knot. I thought of his teeth working something else and nearly groaned aloud. I must have made a sound.

“What?” he asked.

“I’m so turned on right now I could fuck you into the wall,” I admitted.

“Now, now, Miss Connor. Doctor-patient relationship and all that. Besides, this knot is stuck tight.”

“Screw the doctor-patient relationship. I’ll get a new doctor, if I must. Right now I want you inside me.”

At that moment, the knot gave.

I felt it give and shimmied out of my pants as Dr. Knight stood up. Before he could escape, or even speak, I wrapped my arms around his neck and planted my lips on his. I pressed him back against the huge mirror. He made a muffled sound of protest, but made no move to peel me off. Pleased at his lack of resistance, I moved one hand down and slipped it beneath his lab coat. He did protest then, as I traced a hand over the front of his pants, to find the bulge there hard and ready.

“Really, Miss Connor—“ he began.

“I feel like a school teacher when you call me that. My name is Ashleigh.”

Both of my hands were at his waistband now, eagerly unfastening belt and zipper.

“If Nurse Jackson walks in here, I’ll be brought up on charges,” he said, but groaned when I finally got my hands on his lovely cock.

“Nurse Jackson is a dried up old bitch who wouldn’t know a good time if it started sucking her tits,” I countered.

“At least shut the door,” he said and moaned when I moved my hand over the velveteen softness and stroked the bead of moisture at the tip. God, I wanted to taste it.

I switched hands so I could lean back and grab the door handle. I pulled it shut. The click of the latch acted like a switch — Dr. Rick suddenly grabbed me and pulled me into a greedy kiss. I started unbuttoning his coat, working as quickly as possible before he changed his mind.

His pants dropped to the floor just as his coat gaped open and I broke the kiss, even though that felt quite astoundingly good, to slide downward and pull his huge cock into my mouth. He threw his head back and I heard it smack into the mirror. I chuckled, earning a gasp from him as the vibration worked over his shaft.

“Careful; you don’t want seven years bad luck,” I murmured and slid my tongue over the head in a circular motion while stroking his wet cock with my hand. I caressed his balls gently with my other hand.

“It might be worth it,” he said in a tight voice. I felt his hands touch my hair and his breathing was ragged and uneven. He suddenly grabbed my shoulders and pulled me up. I worried that an attack of conscience made him stop, but he merely rotated me until my back was pressed against the mirror. His hand moved down and pushed the thin lace of my black panties aside while his foot moved my legs apart. He crouched down a bit and maneuvered his wonderful, incredible cock up into my waiting vagina. Lord, but he was large!

He slammed upward and lifted me nearly off my toes. I gripped his shoulders to keep from falling, and felt his hands on my hips, pressing me downward into his strokes. Fuck, but the position was perfect—every movement pressed him into my clit and I could feel the pressure building without even trying. The mirror was smooth against my back and I could hear it protest with small creaks. I hoped it wouldn’t crack, and nearly giggled at the thought, but the idea was wiped from my mind when an explosive orgasm rushed through my body. I bit the collar of Rick’s lab coat to keep from shrieking and alerting the hospital staff.

He drove into me several more times and then gasped and shuddered, throwing his head back gorgeously. I pressed a kiss into his neck, knowing it would probably be my only chance. I knew he’d be back in his doctor persona in minutes.

“I’m going to hell for this,” he groaned.

“Not if I have anything to say about it. That was heavenly,” I said and laughed. He pulled away and quickly adjusted his clothing. I finished disrobing and saw his eyes slide over me once more. I grinned.

“You might want to reschedule your appointment,” he suggested.

“Great. Maybe you can come to my place and practice before the next one.”

“Maybe I will,” he said and went out. I smiled, suddenly feeling very healthy.