Ambient Storm

I rather like being spanked, but on MY terms.

Oh, how very bratty of me!

But, really.

No, really!

Don't swat me with implements.

Or while fucking me.

Well, unless that turns you on.

I love when it turns you on.

No paddles, no crops, no canes.

I want to feel your hand on my flesh.

I'm not unfair after all.

I'm just not very good at being good.

Or submissive.

I'm a very. naughty. girl.

Oh, I TRY to be good. And sometimes I succeed.

Like when I am sucking your cock.

You tell me I am soooooooooo good.

That I suck you so well, that I blow your mind. No pun intended.

And that it is SO good.

But then in another breath, you flip me over and whisper in your low growly voice about what a bad girl I am.

And why am I a bad girl? What makes me so bad after being so good -- at certain things, that is.

Oh. You're waiting for an answer!

I adjust my legs and turn my bottom just slightly to give you better access. In case you WANT to spank me, of course.

I turn my head sweetly toward you, your mouth still against my neck and I giggle slightly. You bring your head back and arch one eyebrow at me.

My pussy begins to drip.

I clear my throat and say in a throaty whisper that I am a naughty girl because....

And then I stop. Why, I can't think of ANYTHING that makes me a bad girl!

You throw back your head and laugh heartily, the easy laugh of a lover enjoying the scene he's orchestrating.

You offer me the answer. One of the answers, you clarify, as if there are too many to go through in the time allotted. I nod, trying to look as serious as I can.

You tell me what makes me so naughty is how I want it so much. How I want you to spank me and how wet it makes me when you do.

I blink, somewhat coyly.

You're right of course.

I am a very naughty girl.

And I need to be taught a lesson.

Your hand comes down on my flesh, searing it quickly.

I throw back my head and moan.





Ambient Storm conjures intense sexuality with her unique and stylish wordplay. Unleashing everything that is good about sex...feel the X-rated fury of Ambient Storm's Provocative Persiflage.