In Control

A blindfold for anticipation,

arms tied above your head

while legs stretch and quiver,

and candles flicker,

and silence burns,

and I am in control.

At first I plant a small kiss on your lips,

a slight brush across your hair,

and a dirty word in your ear.

My fingers trace over every line,

circle around every groove,

and ignite every fire in your body.

You begin to squirm and react,

instinct spreads you open,

and senses call me in,

as my breath teases your pussy,

my hands push you into position,

and my tongue leaves its mark.

Your ecstasy threatens to break you free,

your eyes wishing to watch me work,

your arms demanding to pull me deeper inside,

but you forget that I am in control,

you forget that you are at my mercy,

you forget that this is just the beginning.