A Close Shave


Manxie Blue

“We need a bigger bath.” 

“I’ve got plenty of room.” 

“Yes - but your legs are a bit shorter than mine.” 

“This is true.” 

I could lie like this for hours. Lazing in the bath, the two of us after a leisurely afternoon’s love-making. He’s at the back and I’m nestled between his legs, reclining against his chest. His arms are loosely wrapped around me and I feel so damn good. Our legs are intertwined and I wriggle a toe against him. 

“Stop that.”  

I can’t help but chuckle as I turn slightly and plant a kiss on his arm. What do I get as a thank you? A swift smack on the butt! 

“Ow! What was that for?” 

“Leave me alone - you’ve worn me out enough already!” he laughs and hugs me tighter. I hear quiet, satisfied sighs from him as he dozes in the warm water. My hands move slowly about and the water gently splashes our arms. I lower my hands to his and move them up my body to rest on my breasts. I hear a soft moan and his thumbs make the slightest of movements across my flesh.  

I take my hands lower again and softly stroke his thighs. His chest rises against me as he takes a deep breath and continues to stroke my body. He scoops some water up and washes me with the tenderness of a new parent. His stubbly chin grazes the top of my shoulder as he leans forward and fidgets to get more comfortable. 

“You need a shave.” I admonish, even though I rather like the sensations it can produce when it rubs against my more tender parts.   

He raises a hand to his face and strokes along his jaw line. “Yeah - I suppose you’re right. Might as well do it now.” He reaches behind and grabs his razor and shaving foam off the shelf. I curl my feet up close to my body and swivel round slowly to face him. 

“Move forward a little.” I ask and as he does I unfurl my legs and wrap them around his trunk. I’m now sitting in his lap - or more precisely on his lap - close up against him. I watch as he squirts some of the foam on to his hand and smoothes it over his face. He still uses a basic safety razor not an electric one and I always love to watch him shave. It’s such a personal, intimate act.

He picks up his razor but instead of starting he holds it out to me. He doesn’t say a word but his actions say plenty for themselves. I take it more than a little nervously and hold his face as I draw a smooth curve from his cheek, along his jaw and ending at the tip of his chin. I’m so scared of cutting him that my hands are quietly trembling. Using slow but steady strokes, I shave one side of his face, listening as I hear the bristles being severed. My heart is in my mouth. I’ve never had a man let me do this to him before. I swish the razor in the water and raise it to continue. 

His hands caress my sides and settle for a while on the small of my back. I work the blades carefully over his skin until I reveal his clean, smooth profile. I’m sure I’ve missed a few bits. A hand reaches up and tilts my chin up. He smiles and kisses me, leaving a few bits of foam on my face but I really don’t mind. He starts to chuckle and his eyes look down, then back up and his eyebrows rise. So I look down - and then I see why he’s smiling. Standing to attention and causing ripples on the surface of the water is the head of his cock! 

I shuffle forward slightly so that I can feel it pressing against me as I return to the task in hand. His hands move to my breasts as I tilt his chin up. Ever so carefully, I ease the razor up and over his Adam’s apple and under his chin. A few repeats and we’re all clear. I rinse the razor and smooth my hands over his face, wiping away the odd spec of foam remaining. All this time, his eyes have rarely left my face. I cup his face in my hands, my thumbs stroking his cheekbones and I lean in to kiss him deeply. He tightens his hold on me and pulls my body tight against his. His eager to please hard-on gets squashed between the two of us but I don’t think it minds too much. 

I break away from his sensual mouth and kiss along the underside of his jaw while running the tip of a finger up the centre of his neck. My teeth nibble his ear and I feel his hands massaging my breasts on their way down. His cock prods my stomach as if to remind me that he’s still there. Fingers ease their way down my stomach and over the curve of my ass. His hands ease themselves under my thighs and tilt me backwards. I’m reclining against the sexiest pair of thighs ever seen on a man and the man they belong hooks my feet over his shoulders. 

Bobbing about in the water like a cheeky pink one-eyed sea snake, his cock sits between us waiting to play. I reach beneath the water and take it in my hand, eliciting “Mmmmmmm”s from the far end of the bath. I stroke my hands up and down the shaft a few times, my thumb teasing the head. Dancing fingers waltz along from my knees to my inner thighs where they stroke just outside my personal zone. 

He chuckles and says “I’m not the only who needs a shave.”


I grip his cock tighter in one hand and splash water at him with the other. “You cheeky sod!” Then I have a quick delve to check and realise he’s probably right. An idea forms in my mind and a slow smile spreads across my face. Releasing his cock, I put my hands on the side of the bath, unhook my feet and push myself up. I get out of the bath, wrap a towel around me and walk over to the cabinet.  

I turn back and stand by the side of the bath. He looks up at me and I hold something out to him. I crouch down by the side of the bath and watch his face react as he realises what I want him to do. He sits up so quickly that water splashes out of the bath. He doesn’t know what to say, he just stares at me. He reaches an arm out and pulls me close. I’ve never known him lost for words. I kiss him and then stand and walk towards the door, briefly glancing back and smiling. 

From inside the bedroom, I hear him splashing about, frantically trying to get out of the bath as quickly as he can without breaking his neck. He’s still silent as he enters the room, a towel round his waist barely conceals his eager excitement. My small pink plastic razor is held as if it was made of solid gold. I sit on the edge of the bed, waiting to return the trusting compliment paid to me a few minutes previous. 

Kneeling on the floor by my feet, he runs his hands up my calves to my knees. He looks up at me and I lean forward to kiss him, reassuring him. Taking his time, he parts my knees and brushes his fingers against the soft flesh that leads higher. My towel falls open giving him complete access. He twirls a few fingers through the hair of my neatly trimmed triangle - at least it was neat until I forgot to get it waxed!  

He looks up and asks “Erm - how much do you want off?” 

I raise a foot off the ground and brush my toes against his cock which is poking through the front of his towel. It jumps in response. “Up to you. Full creative licence. Just don‘t show me it in a mirror and ask me if that‘s enough off at the back!”  

He grabs my foot and raises it high, forcing me to lie flat on the bed. He stands and leans forward, placing one hand either side of my shoulders. “You might regret saying that.” he says and kisses me and I giggle as I feel his cock nudging me in the stomach. Pulling away, he glances around the room looking for something. “What can I use as a shaving gel?” 

“Oh. I hadn’t thought of that. Erm - oh, I know. What about some lube? That’ll make things nice and slippy. It‘s over there - in the top drawer of the bedside table.” And because it’s a nice minty lube, it will also make things nice and tingly as well. He squeezes a small amount on to the palm of one hand and rubs his hands together. Ever so tenderly, he massages it through my hair and along the top of my inner thighs. I shiver with delight and a little anticipation as the tingling sensation of the lubricant begins to take effect. 

“Are you sure you want me to do this?” he asks, waving the razor at me. I smile and nod, settling myself down for his forthcoming task. He kneels between my legs, raises one thigh and with his fingers pulls the flesh that runs to my groin taut. I feel short smooth strokes of the razor as he tidies the stray hairs growing there. Then long strokes as he shaves from the bottom of my butt forward. I can feel myself starting to get warm as he strokes with his fingers to feel how silky smooth my flesh is. Again with the other leg, clearing the edges but stopping short of my folds. 

His fingers tease the hair of my bush as he starts trimming the front. Little movements, tidying up a bit at a time. I feel small soft kisses being planted on my stomach as he trims more and more of my hair. I’m definitely getting warm now. I sigh as he continues and I hear the rasping noise of the blades as they flow along the surface of my skin. Short but slow and firm strokes clear away most of the remaining hairs, leaving only a thin line which ends above my clit. I knew he wouldn’t be able to help himself! 

“Mmmm. Smooth and bare as a baby’s ass” he says, kissing the front of my newly-shaved mound and stroking the fuzz-free outer limits of my labia. The sensation of new bareness and the tingling lubricant is distracting me and I just lie there, enjoying the moment. And just as I start to drift off, I feel some more lube being spread around between my legs. This beats the beauty salon by a considerable margin! 

Gingerly, he smoothes the blades along the very tip of my outer lips, taking great care. Stopping at my clit - which is starting to swell with arousal - he runs the razor down the other side. He pauses as he feels along their length, smooth and slick with not only man-made lube but my own feminine juices. I knew this would turn him on - but I didn’t expect it to turn me on this much as well. What is usually just an act of tidiness has turned into a very personal, sensual and erotic act for two.

He stands up and tears his towel off. He leans over me and tears mine off too. His erection is straining and I want him in me so bad. But I want him to finish what he’s started. I pick up the razor and hold it up to him. “Take it all off.” I manage to say, my breath becoming ragged as my heart races. 

He reaches and takes it from me, running his hand through his hair. “I …..God…..I mean…..all off…?”  

“All off.” I whisper, reaching up to stroke his cock. He must be suffering as I can feel the tip is already moist with pre-cum. I bring my fingers to my mouth and suck them clean as he drops to his knees, gasping. 

A few quick strokes and the line leading below disappears. No need for any more artificial moisture as I’m more than lubricated of my own accord. His fingers spread my moisture along my lips and over my highly excited clit. I try not to wriggle or writhe but he’s driving me wild. All I can do is moan as he parts my outer and inner lips. The few wiry hairs that grow there are wiped away with a few strokes and I hear him gasp and swear under his breath. He dips into my vagina and spreads some more wetness around as he makes smooth every inch of my pussy.  

He flings the razor to one side and feels every crease, fold, nook and cranny. I glance down and am startled to see the contrast of my pale skin against the dark red of my lips. Completely bare, exposed and vulnerable - no hiding place. His hands run up the length of my legs from my ankles up to my thighs. The back of his fingers run over my bare flesh and I feel myself responding. I tremble as he touches me, feeling freshly exposed but familiar flesh. He looks at me as if he’s never seen me before.  

I sit up and lean forward. He’s shaking like a leaf in spite of how aroused he is. I kiss him passionately and take hold of his cock. I spread my legs wide and position him. I feel him getting ready to push into me but I have other ideas. “No. Wait a minute.” I say as I put a finger on his lips. I wrap my fingers around his shaft and feel it pulse. I softly rub the tip up and down my folds, letting him feel my moist, smooth wetness.  

“Oh….sweet….Jesus…..yes…” is all he can say, his eyes half shut. I run it along the outer folds and up to my clit, making us both gasp. I’m counting in my head to try and hold back from coming. Round and round the entrance of my hole, his cock-head swirls and twirls getting coated in my copious juices. “I c…can’t..hold…off…” he groans - and neither can I! 

I release him and hop on to the bed. I get on all fours, then lower my chest to the bed. My ass is high in the air, giving him full view of his handywork. He works his fingers over me, feeling every freshly shorn crease then places his mouth on me, instantly triggering an orgasm. Kissing me and licking, flicking his tongue against my clit. I squirm and squeak as his fingers part my lips and he kisses me so hard that I’m coming over and over. 

I grasp the covers on the bed and whimper “Please….”. I feel the head poised, ready to thrust. I groan as he plunges in and I hear him moan as my muscles wrap themselves around his shaft. His hands grip my thighs and he starts to pump. No steady pacing but neither of us want that. It’s just fast and furious pumping. He bangs deep into me time after time. I can hear him moan and groan as he fucks the hell out of me. His hands release me and one hand pats my clit in time with his thrusts while the other rests on my back to give him more leverage. He fucks me like a stag on heat, rutting me hard. Fast, animalistic and fucking awesome. 

I’m crying and gasping and when my orgasm hits, it hits hard. I cry out as my body wracks itself inside out and I feel my juices gushing out of me, running down my legs. I hear him scream as his climax soon follows. Throbs run through my body as my whole universe explodes between my legs. He fires his hot, salty spunk into me, grinding against me as my juices squirt all over his cock. I feel his fingers smearing all the fluids up and down the full spread of my pussy. 

“Oh, my God…” I hear him moan as he collapses on top of me and we fall to the bed. We both struggle to catch our breath as we lie there spooning. He’s still inside me, pulsing and I place a hand between my legs, holding him in. I’m soaking wet and twitching like crazy. I tremble as we lie together recovering. I feel my heart pounding in my chest and his heart pounds against me. His arms are wrapped tightly round me and I feel his cock subside and slide out.  

Contented moans and sighs come from behind me as his hands go between my legs. He just rests them there, making the slightest of movements. I feel his breath on the back of my neck and I raise one of his hands to my face. Kissing the palm of it, I ask “I don’t suppose you want a back, sack and crack, do you?” and snigger into his hand. 

“No - I fucking well don’t!” he chuckles in reply. And yet again, I get a swift smack on the rump.