A Choice Toy


Violette Rose-Jones

Amber found herself in the toy department of a large retail chain. She was standing in the fashion doll aisle, trying hard to make her selection. It was a tough choice, they all looked good; tight skirts, cleavage, inviting pouts. They looked like little plastic hookers, all waiting to be taken home. Don’t Cha by The Pussycat Dolls was being piped into the store; it seemed like the dolls were singing to her. As Amber looked at row after row of come hither stares she started to get wet. This was going to be fun...

How did all this madness get started? Well Amber had always had a thing for fashion dolls, something she never quite understood. Even as a child she had crushes on her favourites. They were so lovely; impossibly perfect princesses. She wanted to be them. But now as an adult, it had morphed into something else. When Amber touched them, she was genuinely aroused. Whenever her daughter wasn’t around, she would borrow her dolls, stroking their hair, their plastic breasts and touching them between the legs till she had to go and touch herself too or at least jump her husband the moment her came in the door. She always wondered what it would be like to make love to one.

Now she finally had the chance. Amber was on a long business trip. She’d been gone about two weeks and phone sex with the husband was starting to lose appeal. She needed a thrill. It wasn’t till she walked past the department store, on route to finding dinner in a food court, that it occurred to her; this might be the chance to explore her secret kink. She could barely contain her excitement as she ditched her dinner plans and headed for the toy aisle. So there she stood, trying to pick her playmate for the night. After much deliberation, she finally chose a pouty brunette with green eyes and thigh high boots. She blushed at the checkout. Did the cashier know what she was up to?

Afterwards, Amber practically ran back to the hotel and the second she was in the door, she shredded the packaging in her urge to get to the doll. She tore the doll’s clothes off and licked between its legs, sucked on its little breasts and then rubbed it against her crotch through her pants. Frenzied, she stripped and flopped on the bed. Then she caressed her nipples with the doll’s long hair, ground the doll’s face onto her clit, stroking back and forth. With a gasp, Amber plunged its long legs, boots and all into her pussy. Her back arched, as she stroked her clit and thrust it in and out of herself. She came with a spurt that drenched the doll and soon after, fell into a deep sleep.

When Amber awoke and looked at the clock, it was 2am. The doll was still sticking out of her pussy. She pulled it out and examined it. It was too dishevelled to save. It was a little disappointing the doll had not survived the skirmish, but she was not too fussed. Another lover was just $30 at her local chain store and she was away on business a lot. This could go on forever...