Sex Stories

"I wanted to be bad, to experiment and to push the envelope with each encounter. I wanted to be penetrated in every way a woman could be."
Kellye Whitney
"He yanked her clothes off so fast Sandy began to laugh and did nothing, reasoning it would be faster to let him undress her alone. When she was naked he stripped his clothes off, and Sandy just had time to fetch the condoms from her purse before he pushed her back on the bed and came down over her. He suited up quickly then used one knee to open her legs. He nudged her, felt the dampness he’d been longing for."
Nikki Bee
“Now, face Jamie and start to take off your knickers. Slowly. Stop.” Click. “Bit more. Stop”. Click. “Now right off”. I stood there nude facing my husband’s best friend. Alan wasn’t rushing. He took a long time to frame the shot. He wanted his friend to get a good view of his wife’s pussy. I felt bare and exposed, but at the same time thrilled and excited. I wanted Jamie to take a long slow look, to get excited feasting his eyes on my cunt."
Alecia Langley
"The windows were open, and Krista wondered if anyone would hear her when she abandoned herself to a banshee wail. And she would. She could tell as he released his cock from his pants and taunted her with a merciless tap-tap, thud-thud, slide-glide along the length of her swollen folds, inviting her to lean back and succumb to the arching pleasure of delayed gratification."
"I rested my head over her heart and listened…it was fighting against her rib cage and I began to kiss her in that spot. Her head arched backwards forcing her breasts upwards and I grabbed one in each hand and began to tease her nipples with my fingers. Continuing to do this, I returned my mouth to her stomach and belly button - kissing, licking…gorging on her mid-section, our moans of pleasure building and building."
Jocelyn Perry
“Oh yes,” she groaned as my hand met her clit. I ground into it. She began to buck her hips into my hand as her breath grew shallow and fast. I kissed her hard as she spasmed against me. I covered her mouth with mine, silencing her cries of release."
"The truth was I’d been highly aroused for hours, from the moment I put that razor to my lathered-up mons. I was used to doing my bikini line, but it was very different to shave it all off, each stroke revealing a new strip of satiny white skin, and finally, my tender, pink cleft. Then I had to spread my legs wide to tidy up the labia, which were already swollen and tingly from all the action I’d been getting with Eliot. I couldn’t help gazing down at myself, so totally naked and exposed, until I realized, with a pang of guilt, that I was copying Christina’s pose exactly.”
"Undeniably, her biggest weakness was a man in uniform.  It was the ultimate power trip.  She would imagine his sculpted, well-toned body pushing her against the wall, handcuffing her wrists behind her.  He would yank her hair back as he raucously breathed words of desire into her ear, telling her all the things he planned to do to her.  She would moan softly as he would forcefully pull down her skirt and jam his fingers deep inside of her….."
"The sirens seemed very loud now. The car picked up more speed and I ground into Paul’s hand. He tickled me faster, stroking and thrusting, and when I came, I trod on the pedal, pushing it flat to the floor. The engine spurred my orgasm on and I clawed his hand, moving madly with his fingers, gasping and crying out."
"I knelt, resting your legs on my shoulders as you spread your thighs, giggling. I started to use my tongue to work quick, passionate circles around the lips of your pussy, clutching at your thighs as I hold my breath. I managed to slide my hands up your thighs and insert my thumbs into you, working them in slow circles, in opposite directions. The chill of the water, combined with the extra lubricant, allowed you to come quickly, and I resurfaced, gasping for air."