Lesbian Sex Stories

Jocelyn Perry
“Oh yes,” she groaned as my hand met her clit. I ground into it. She began to buck her hips into my hand as her breath grew shallow and fast. I kissed her hard as she spasmed against me. I covered her mouth with mine, silencing her cries of release."
"I wasn’t sure what to do. I thought if I closed my eyes, it would all come naturally, but this was not a man, and I couldn’t help but wonder, at the height of my arousal, if I wouldn’t hunger for more, for a deep penetration that her tiny fingers couldn’t deliver. Then, in the manner of best friends, she read my thoughts and pulled a vibrator from her drawer. My anticipation was growing and, I was surprised to see, it felt the way I felt as I prepared to receive my husband."
"Tess hesitated. She was at war with herself. Her mind told her no; she should stop this, but her body was flushed with pleasure. Desire flowed through her similar to the way Molly’s hands flowed over her, impassioned and enticing. When she complied, Molly lifted the sheet and watched as Tess rolled over. Her gaze became more heated as it roamed over Tess’s naked body."
Nicole Bellina
"I would warm myself up good with the water device, and then stick the suction cup dildo to the shower floor and squat over it. I could hang on to the grab bars (installed for safety) and ride it hard. Oh the ecstasy! The orgasms I had!"
"That was an understatement and we both laughed. Any tension left, melted. Celeste dripped more wax. She ran a trail from between my breasts down to the top of my trimmed bush. My stomach muscles tensed and I breathed a moan. Ice cooled the trail; little drops of water, melted by the heat of her hand, dripped into my crotch."
Justine D'Silva
"It’s almost show time. The thought caused Shiran’s nipples to stiffen. She rolled them between her fingers, and the immediate response of her clitoris triggered even naughtier ideas. Shiran ran a fingertip over the silky material covering her damp forest of carmine curls, and pushed the fabric aside. Her fingertips found her swollen, pink clit and she shivered with pleasure. I’ve become such a little tramp. But then, practice makes perfect. Lust glazed eyes watched the wanton houri in the mirror. I’d better stop; Alie could be here at any moment. I need to save this for the camera."
M.L. Shipley
“The bible-thumpers could crow all they wanted about the evils of sex. As far as I was concerned, what we were doing and how much we were enjoying it was proof of the almighty, a God who understood that love and pleasure went hand-in-hand and was a damned beautiful thing.”
Carrie White
"Her gaze burnt a path of warmth down between my breasts and over my stomach. Each breath I took lifted my nipples up eagerly towards her, waiting to be nibbled and sucked. With each touch of her fingertips, her lips, her tongue, her mouth, she spread through my being."
Marina Kris
“I’ve even thought,” Kennedy exhaled a smoky laugh that vibrated richly in my abdomen, “don’t tell Josh this, but I’ve even thought of taking a lover now and then, just to scratch the itch, just to alleviate this constant arousal …. A little, you know?”
Nikki Sinclair
"She licked up and down, up and down lightly, very lightly. Heather spread her knees and Puck carefully inserted two, then three fingers. The girl was oily-wet. Puck licked and teased. Finally she buried her nose in the cheerleader's patch and really went at her, grinding the flat of her tongue on her big ol' clit. No woman could stand that for long, Puck knew. Spasms sucked her fingers as the girl's shuddering orgasm rocked the Caddie."