Submission & Domination

Serenity Bobbins
“Goddamn, woman” he muttered under his breath. That was all it took to send her over the edge. She felt him thrust into her one last time and like a lock sliding into place she felt the muscles of her cunt contract around him. She milked his cock with a rhythm as familiar to her as the back of her hand."
Michelle Simpson
"You will address me as Mistress." He felt the rush of air before the leather connected with his ass. WHACK! "You will do as I say and know that I am not concerned about your level of pain unless it's too much and you must exercise your safe word." WHACK! She hit him again and he was surprised at the movement his cock was now making. At least it was warm. "Are we clear here?"
Janelle Fields
"I’m not sure when I agreed to try this sub thing. And I’m really not sure when Matt suddenly wanted to do the dominant thing. But we feel safe exploring sex with each other. This could be a fun game to try out I suppose. And I do so enjoy when he ties me up."
“I’m not sure you like this very much Mr. Masked guy. You might want to rethink it next time before you say yes to fucking me, hmmm? What’d you expect? Some kind of doggy style moment where you’d get your rocks off? I bet, you piece of shit. You’re here to do one thing, fuck me with that limp dick of yours. Let’s see if we can’t make it a little harder hmmm?”
M. Christian
“You’d better not,” Jeannine reached out and ran her fingers up the length of Alice’s very hard, rhythmically flexing clit. “So beautiful –“ she said, almost a whisper. Shaking her head slowly, as if to clear it, she said in a louder voice, “Now then. Where were we? Oh, yes, that’s right. You were giving me a show. I like a good show.”
"I laughed and then wrapped my hands near the base of his cock and began to walk away forcing him to walk with me and to be led by his cock. He let out a sound of shock, some low guttural sound from deep inside his throat. “Follow me,” I said to him. I led him slowly like this, by the cock, down the hall to my room. We entered my room and I let go of his cock, turning around to watch his reaction as he saw the bed and the straps that it now contained."
Keary J
"Greedily, she pulled it toward her, widening her legs, searching for more. Next to her, she could hear her husband’s quickened breath and knew immediately that his hand held his own cock in an undeniable response to the image before him."
"The kind of hot that doesn’t excite men, it terrifies them. They instantly recognize their powerlessness against this caliber of femininity, and panic overtakes excitement. This illuminates the difference between boys and men: boys don’t know to be afraid yet."
Claire Litton
""Please?" you say, and slide your thumb into me. As I buck back against you, you also slide your cock into me, deep, and start fucking me hard. I can feel you pulsing inside me as you brace your arm onto the bed and lean forward to fuck me in earnest, thumb still deep in my ass. I moan over and over again, practically crying at the sensations."
"With my wrists bound over my head and my thighs and ankles lashed together with the pantyhose, I was more at his mercy than ever, but I did get a front row seat for a strip show that didn’t disappoint. Ito was even tastier naked, with sculpted shoulders, a smooth, golden chest, and an uncut cock jutting out, all hard and ready. If I hadn’t been tied up, I couldn’t have resisted wrapping my hand around him, licking the swollen head, taking him deep into my mouth."


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