Spontaneous Sex

Lynn Lake
"Lisette gasped, like she was suddenly aware of the man’s incongruous nakedness all over again. She couldn’t miss it, couldn’t take her eyes off Barry’s cock. The appendage was swelling between his long legs, stretching out and up, thickening, lengthening. Lisette just about drove off the road and onto the sidewalk. Her body flushed with even more heat, from Barry’s large hand on hers, and his large cock welling up right before her eyes."
Dorla Moorehouse
"I take your whole cock in my mouth, all the way to the back of my throat, hold it there for a moment, letting my tongue and gums and cheeks absorb every flavor, every bit of skin. When you start groaning, I begin to suck and thrust, swallowing you whole and releasing, only to swallow you again."
Misty Mozart
"I know you’re not as conservative as you let on…I can see the outline of those little, lacy panties you wear under your skirts, and I dream about those hard nipples that I can see through your blouse most afternoons on bus duty. You put up a front to the world that you enjoy your polite, demure lifestyle that you allow the world to identify you as only a mom, but I know different. You are dripping with sex and desire. You just need to allow yourself to let go.”
Desiree Donovan
"In the shower, Mike kissed her mouth, neck, and breasts, while her hands explored his body, and her pussy pulsed to have him inside. When she dropped to her knees and took him in her mouth, his swollen cock almost made her gag, but he drew back to accommodate her, and began moaning."
"I could think of nothing except feeling his remarkably smooth triceps turning to jelly under my confident palms. I wanted to touch him everywhere. I wanted to drag my naked tits against his bare chest. I wanted to consume him. I wanted to break his heart."
Adrie Santos
"Without breaking our gaze, I straddled his lap, causing my skirt to ride up my thighs. With only the sound of our breaths, our lips came together again, as his strong hands explored my bare skin—each touch making more and more of my dreams of him a reality. As his lips moved down my neck, I grasped his hair and guided him down towards my breasts. I gasped when he pulled the fabric away; immediately taking my nipple in his mouth, causing it to rise to a sharp peak."
"I was pouring liquid heat and he lapped it up as fast as it came. He held my ass above the wood and fitted his mouth over my entire pussy. My head was thrown back and I could hardly contain my cries. I was caring less and less who heard us though."
AJ Bray
"As his lips met mine, I felt the hard ridge of his erection pressing against my hip and stomach. I moaned into his mouth and bucked my hips against his hardness experimentally. He responded like an animal, humping against me, pushing my ass into the counter. Primal grunts escaped his chest into my mouth, spiking my female sex-driven hormones through the roof. My small hands fumbled and scratched at his coffee shop labelled shirt."
Marina Kris
“I’ve even thought,” Kennedy exhaled a smoky laugh that vibrated richly in my abdomen, “don’t tell Josh this, but I’ve even thought of taking a lover now and then, just to scratch the itch, just to alleviate this constant arousal …. A little, you know?”
Nikki Sinclair
"She licked up and down, up and down lightly, very lightly. Heather spread her knees and Puck carefully inserted two, then three fingers. The girl was oily-wet. Puck licked and teased. Finally she buried her nose in the cheerleader's patch and really went at her, grinding the flat of her tongue on her big ol' clit. No woman could stand that for long, Puck knew. Spasms sucked her fingers as the girl's shuddering orgasm rocked the Caddie."


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