Sex In Public

"I moaned and the sounds of my pleasure forced his impassioned noises to grow louder. He sounded like a wounded animal as I sucked him ferociously. The concrete patio was scratching at my raw knees and I didn’t care. Faster and faster I sucked, harder and harder until his grunts turned to squeals and I sensed that he was about to explode, but I had other plans. I had other desires. My pussy was a force to be reckoned with and I would not deny it the pleasure of being fucked."
Manxie Blue
"“Mmm - no panties.” and I feel a sneaky set of fingers going under my skirt. “I feel like a naughty kid again.”  Teasing fingertips dance their way up my thighs as he kisses me, silencing my impending objections."
Kylie Sambs
"He was thrusting inside her, working her hips with his hands, and she could feel her whole body melting from the inside. Sex had never felt this raw, this unencumbered by rules and expectations. It was wild. Animalistic. So hot she was sweating."
Sophie Black
"In an instant, he was in me. I was so wet he slid easily inside and began to fuck me-- pushing in and out from behind as he worked my clit with one hand and moved his other hand over my naked ass and up to my swollen breasts. He pulled at my nipples through my thin shirt, rolling them between his fingers as he pushed himself into me."
Sex Stories: 
Will Belegon
"All sense of propriety fled my mind. I held Jill’s thighs in my hands, and spun into the corner of the elevator. I lifted her off the floor and rested her ass against the cold metal of the handrail that encircled the wall and leaned in. As the tip of my hard cock came to rest against the warm wetness of her pussy, the need to fill her overwhelmed me."
Amanda Fox
"Taking him carefully into my mouth so as not to set him off without warning – I mean, who knew what performing fellatio in such a public place might do – I tongued around and around the length of his post, up and down, up and down, until he was as hard as the heels on my pumps, until – without support – he was pointing straight out, parallel to the floor. "
Alecia Langley
"Krista dried the book with her sleeve and turned her back, strolling down the fluorescent glare of a deserted corridor, feet padding on the chalky linoleum, feeling him more than seeing him, a shadow holding an invisible chain from hand to clit, issuing an insistent tug that was making her lose her equilibrium."
"I rambled out my apology, his cock repeatedly slammed into me, his hands on my hips, controlling us both. I didn’t have time to worry about someone finding us out, all I could think about was the quivering that was starting in my thighs as I rocked back and forth on my heals, taking Colin’s cock to the hilt. My fingers curled into fists on the wall, my eyes closed to the florescent lights above us. I focused instead on the stars bursting behind my lids, the colors exploding as I pressed my eyes shut harder."
"He suckled her and stars burst behind her closed eyelids. Heat spread quickly and her panties were no doubt ruined. He left no area unchartered before dropping to his knees. Still kneading a full breast, he kissed and licked her softly rounded tummy. His tongue dipped into her belly button. Tickled, she giggled. He did it again and got the same result. "
Tom Beedle
"The waitress just shrugged her shoulders and pushed her middle finger into her pussy past the second knuckle. "They'll have to stand in line. Besides, I just quit. Now fuck me before that cock rips a hole in your pants."


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