Sex Outdoors

"I knelt, resting your legs on my shoulders as you spread your thighs, giggling. I started to use my tongue to work quick, passionate circles around the lips of your pussy, clutching at your thighs as I hold my breath. I managed to slide my hands up your thighs and insert my thumbs into you, working them in slow circles, in opposite directions. The chill of the water, combined with the extra lubricant, allowed you to come quickly, and I resurfaced, gasping for air."
Rita Winchester
"My eyes watered and I blinked. Then his hands were on me, pulling me forward into the firm v of his denim clad legs. I settled there for the kiss that I knew would come. I rocked my hips into his and felt his hard cock through soft jeans. I kissed back at his warm soft lips and opened my mouth to let his tongue in and then sucked it gently. Blake moaned into my mouth and the vibration set off tiny shock waves under my skin. My nipples so hard they nearly hurt, my belly fluttering with the urge to touch him."
Heather Lin
"Nina felt a rush of nervous excitement. The neighbors wouldn’t be able to see, but it was still the most public place she’d ever considered having sex. Before she could over think it, Rick’s mouth was on her neck, teasing and nipping the sensitive flesh beneath her ear, sending electric shocks through her body until all she could do was hold onto his strong arms and gasp for air. He knew exactly what he was doing."
Amber Tiffany Jones
"Floods of dread gripped her stomach as Debbie realized what he was asking. The panic nearly shut her mind down, but the image of her lying with her thighs open and letting Tom examine parts of her she’s never even seen herself seared into her brain. Amid the foreboding terror she felt her pussy pulse with enticement."
Julianna Walker
"Claire moaned and then there was a slight stinging on her butt as Eric slapped her lightly. The tingle traveled up her spine and she moaned, leaning into him more, his cock now against her bottom. He slapped her again harder, the crack ringing through the empty woods. Claire dropped her head between her arms. Her long brown hair hung down and she arched her back, lifting her bottom towards him."
Amanda Fox
"When at last he came up for a kiss – sucking and nipping wantonly at my lips and tongue – I knew that his inner bad boy had finally been released. “Oh my god, Nick.” I opened my mouth wider and spread my legs further, pushing for him to brutishly violate both areas."
Sylvia Lowry
“I want to consume your precious cock, that’s what.” I reached downwards and whispered in his ear as I grasped his erection through his trousers; the shaft shuddered in tender recognition of my touch as I quickly unzipped him and liberated it, exposing it to the night air, caressing the contours of the head, stroking the erection affectionately before grasping it with greater intensity, pumping harder, desperate to devour it."
M.L. Shipley
“The bible-thumpers could crow all they wanted about the evils of sex. As far as I was concerned, what we were doing and how much we were enjoying it was proof of the almighty, a God who understood that love and pleasure went hand-in-hand and was a damned beautiful thing.”
Devon Strafford
"She motioned with her hand. “You have an erection, James. I see the outline of it under your belt.” She took a step back and sat down on a bale of hay. “I just came here in front of you,” she said. “Now I think it would only be fair if you came in front of me.”
"He grew rougher, more animalistic, sucking her bottom lip into his mouth and sinking his teeth in just enough to send a spark of pain rushing through her, where it quickly morphed into ecstasy. That ecstasy fuelled her fire further, pushing her closer and closer to climax, a climax that she could barely wait to have, clenching and spasming around her love’s cock, wrenching his own pleasure from him."


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