Sex Outdoors

Lynn Lake
"Lisette gasped, like she was suddenly aware of the man’s incongruous nakedness all over again. She couldn’t miss it, couldn’t take her eyes off Barry’s cock. The appendage was swelling between his long legs, stretching out and up, thickening, lengthening. Lisette just about drove off the road and onto the sidewalk. Her body flushed with even more heat, from Barry’s large hand on hers, and his large cock welling up right before her eyes."
Dorla Moorehouse
"I take your whole cock in my mouth, all the way to the back of my throat, hold it there for a moment, letting my tongue and gums and cheeks absorb every flavor, every bit of skin. When you start groaning, I begin to suck and thrust, swallowing you whole and releasing, only to swallow you again."
"I kneeled in my seat so I could take him in my mouth. As I ran my tongue in circles around the head, he pulled my skirt back so he could see my ass in the air. I was grateful for the coverage of the trees as anyone driving by would have had quite a view otherwise. He rolled the windows down so that they wouldn't get too steamed up. When the cool evening air hit my ass I felt more naked and exposed than ever before."
"Bending over the hood of the car... the metal burned my hands. But as the rain fell and the metal cooled down, I began to grind my hips, embracing the feel of the nature on my back and hard cooling metal underneath. It was my inviting dance to this man who had kindly picked me up, a desperate suggestion to come fuck me."
Manxie Blue
"“Mmm - no panties.” and I feel a sneaky set of fingers going under my skirt. “I feel like a naughty kid again.”  Teasing fingertips dance their way up my thighs as he kisses me, silencing my impending objections."
George Matthew
“If you have glanced at our little tome, you will not be shocked by the reason we invited you, nor surprised I hope. We enjoyed immensely your performance at the concert and we believe you perfect for our games. It involves group sex, moving on to bondage - you don’t mind being tied up, do you?“
Kelly Arthur
"His mouth on her nipple, he sucked greedily, roughly. She arched her back and moaned in ecstasy. Kissing her belly, he worked his way down. Fingers in her pussy, tongue on her clit – he couldn’t get enough of her. Needed to taste every inch of her. His tongue inside of her, flicking, swirling – round and round."


"As soon as I lay back, he had his finger inside me, startling me at his speed. A surge of pure pleasure washed over my body, and I writhed under him, still demanding more. My squirming must have been the last straw for him. He rolled completely on top of me, his weight spreading my legs and in one motion pushed inside of me. That was where I had needed to be touched the most!"

Marguerite Colson

"The short stick he had previously used on Bee became a weapon to probe her perfectly shaved box. Chalon laved the hot, copious juices that poured from her slit onto her eager bud. Then, he used the rounded end of the stick to press against it, firmly… then almost imperceptibly… firmly…barely there… Annie squirmed and groaned and pleaded but the torture continued."
"She grabbed my hand and forced it into the front of her panties, just like in my fantasy. I was stunned. This stuff never happened to guys in real life. Never! And yet there I was, wiggling my fingers inside of the hottest, wettest and softest pool I would ever have imagined. My hips rocked uncontrollably now, slamming against her as my fingers pushed up inside of her, hitting her g-spot with very little effort."


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