Sex On The Go

"Bending over the hood of the car... the metal burned my hands. But as the rain fell and the metal cooled down, I began to grind my hips, embracing the feel of the nature on my back and hard cooling metal underneath. It was my inviting dance to this man who had kindly picked me up, a desperate suggestion to come fuck me."
Ambient Storm
"As I open my mouth I can taste the pearly liquid seeping from his head. Licking it off is a diligent and slow task, savored with great pleasure; the slower the better."
Susan DiPlacido
"But before I can protest or take hold of him again, he slides his hand, his strong, sure fingers, back down. Inside my panties, parting my slit, two bold fingers slip down the length of me, then roughly, heavily back up, and again partway down, settling this time on my sweet spot, pressing against the nub of my rapidly sensitizing clit."
Lisa Von Tisa
"In order to gain better purchase of this oral delight, I too sank to my knees, dividing my attentions between the salty secretions of the minister’s cock and the sweet fruitfulness of my Lady’s drooling mouth, exchanging our tongues and jointly sucking on the knob end of a now uncontrollably thrusting erection."
Lux Zakari
"She waited until the metro resumed its motion before touching her breasts, gently at first, circling them with her fingertips as her nipples rose, begging to be plucked. The girl obliged, rolling the peaks between her thumb and forefinger as she tilted her head back and let out a needy moan. Ian looked on, agape, as spellbound with her as she was. He shifted in his seat, his growing erection and the uncertainty of what to do about it making him considerably uncomfortable."
"Soon, Will stopped thinking and simply watched and wanked. The breast play had ceased, and, although he couldn't actually see what was happening, it was damn obvious that the girl was now giving her boyfriend a blow job. Her blonde head was bobbing up and down, and it was the man's turn to grunt and moan as his cock was enveloped in a hot, wet and very willing mouth."

Kay David

"I let go of him and, with one familiar thrust, his perfect cock was inside me. We moaned together as his strokes came long and deliberate. We clung to each other, whispering practiced nonsense and pretty lies."

Giselle Renarde

"I took one look at that thick meat and sank my mouth down onto it. Wasting no time on the sweet preliminaries, I swallowed Jeff’s cock whole. Sucking my man in a frenzy of frenetic motion, I thrust my head up and back down until I couldn’t take another millimetre of it."
Sex Stories: 

Frances Jones

"Andreas reached further, sliding one, then two long fingers in and out of Molly's slick cunt. Her pussy sucked at them like a hungry mouth. Good as it felt, her mind began to wander. She tried to remember when she'd last been with Jeremy. Valentine's Day? Before that? Her attention had been so focused on this trip, and on her huge lie, that sex had been the last thing on her mind."

Anthony Beal

"Her swollen clit explodes as she comes, too readily divulging her combination as its blast radius extends to her toes. Her orgasm stands his hair on end as it invades the very air around her, sets it shimmering like heat rising from a sun-baked road. Her caress, moist now with his pre-coital fluid, quickens along his shaft."


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