Sex On The Go

"The sirens seemed very loud now. The car picked up more speed and I ground into Paul’s hand. He tickled me faster, stroking and thrusting, and when I came, I trod on the pedal, pushing it flat to the floor. The engine spurred my orgasm on and I clawed his hand, moving madly with his fingers, gasping and crying out."
Amanda Fox
“Jaz,” he growled, kneeling in front of me. “I need you.” Inhaling deeply, he pressed his face into my lap, clenching the edges of my nightgown. “You smell so good.” Then shoving at the fabric, he pushed my legs apart and began kissing and nibbling at the delicate flesh of my inner thighs." **RE-FEATURE DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND***
Sylvia Lowry
“I want to consume your precious cock, that’s what.” I reached downwards and whispered in his ear as I grasped his erection through his trousers; the shaft shuddered in tender recognition of my touch as I quickly unzipped him and liberated it, exposing it to the night air, caressing the contours of the head, stroking the erection affectionately before grasping it with greater intensity, pumping harder, desperate to devour it."
Claire Litton
"I look at our faces in the mirror: your eyes are almost closed and I can feel you breathing as you gently kiss my neck, then not so gently, bite it. I writhe as your bites turn fiercer, squirming my hips against your hand and trying to work your fingers inside me, but you seem to know exactly what I'm going to do and keep me at a distance. "Please," I whisper, and I'm not sure what I'm asking for."
Alecia Langley
"She’d make him tear her shirt open, not caring if fabric ripped, if buttons rolled. She’d plead and snarl until he lifted her breasts from the lacy white bra, burying his face in their heavy warmth, pulling her nipples between his teeth while she whimpered."
Lynn Lake
"Lisette gasped, like she was suddenly aware of the man’s incongruous nakedness all over again. She couldn’t miss it, couldn’t take her eyes off Barry’s cock. The appendage was swelling between his long legs, stretching out and up, thickening, lengthening. Lisette just about drove off the road and onto the sidewalk. Her body flushed with even more heat, from Barry’s large hand on hers, and his large cock welling up right before her eyes."
Desiree Donovan
"In the shower, Mike kissed her mouth, neck, and breasts, while her hands explored his body, and her pussy pulsed to have him inside. When she dropped to her knees and took him in her mouth, his swollen cock almost made her gag, but he drew back to accommodate her, and began moaning."
Nikki Sinclair
"She licked up and down, up and down lightly, very lightly. Heather spread her knees and Puck carefully inserted two, then three fingers. The girl was oily-wet. Puck licked and teased. Finally she buried her nose in the cheerleader's patch and really went at her, grinding the flat of her tongue on her big ol' clit. No woman could stand that for long, Puck knew. Spasms sucked her fingers as the girl's shuddering orgasm rocked the Caddie."
"I kneeled in my seat so I could take him in my mouth. As I ran my tongue in circles around the head, he pulled my skirt back so he could see my ass in the air. I was grateful for the coverage of the trees as anyone driving by would have had quite a view otherwise. He rolled the windows down so that they wouldn't get too steamed up. When the cool evening air hit my ass I felt more naked and exposed than ever before."
T. Elle Harrison
“But you won’t let me. You shake your head and push me into one of the hotel armchairs. You look right into my eyes as you lower yourself down until you’re kneeling between my legs. You kiss me but it’s only a distraction because as you’re kissing me you’re slowly parting my thighs.”


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