Sex Games

Tatiana Von Tauber
"She loved when he said that, though many times Victor would show up and they would just fuck like wild animals over and over until both were spent. She liked his creative play as it showed his interest in putting forth a little extra effort into their open relationship. Of course, her willingness always made him come back for more."
"Ben licked his lips. Whitney could already tell how hard he was by how focused his movements were. When he leaned down to kiss her pussy again, she rocked into his face and onto his tongue. He slid a finger inside of her, then another. He moved back and forth, hammering at her g-spot until she thought she couldn't take it anymore. Then he pulled away. She squeezed her thighs against his neck, and he hummed into her."
Katie Killigan
"Hand after hand went by, Katie was a better poker player than she thought, but still piece by piece she was losing her clothing. At least the four young men she was playing with had kept their part of the bargain and had lost the majority of their clothes as well. Hard, sculpted young male bodies surrounded her, and Katie loved the scent of masulinity and the sight of muscle. She found herself secretly getting wetter and wetter, and almost willing herself to lose the next hand. She was an exhibitonist, and loved the eyes that were glued on her."
"Bella’s eyes locked with mine, radiating a sense of confidence that suggested she was okay with this. Was I? I knew he was okay with it. I could tell by the way he held his breath and licked his lips. And by the way his cock bounced against his thigh as it inched its way forward, as if it also wanted a better look at the two nearly naked women who were about to experience their first same-sex encounter."
Ambient Storm
"His hand reaches for my hair and he snaps my head back to kiss me as his cock enters me from behind. Short, hard, staccato fucking. I want to scream it feels so good. He releases my hair but holds his mouth to my ear warning me to stay quiet or he’ll stop. I nod and bite my lip as his boot gently moves my legs apart further."
Nikki Bee
“You have missed me haven’t you, my poor Georgie. Tell me you have missed the taste of my pussy and the feel of your cock in my hand. Come to me, I’ll let you do all those things that high and mighty wife of yours won’t give you at home. ” I hug him. I know he wants to touch me, but at this minute he is still feeling shy and awkward and there is a glass in one hand … ”
"He goes down to his knees and pushes my skirt up to my waist as he starts licking my pussy from behind. One hand moves around my hip in search of my clit, I guide his hand to it and his fingers waste no time stroking and teasing my hard little nub causing goose bumps to spread over my body."
"He was torturing me. My insides churned, my nipples were rock hard and my pussy had been transformed into a deep, wet, fragrant pool into which I wanted him to plunge, forcefully and immediately. My brain was swimming with uncertainty. How could I possibly know which card to pick? Each thing he did to me was enormously erotic but it was the clit stroking that had gripped me, twisted me and forced me into pre-orgasmic fits."
Amanda Fox
"Taking him carefully into my mouth so as not to set him off without warning – I mean, who knew what performing fellatio in such a public place might do – I tongued around and around the length of his post, up and down, up and down, until he was as hard as the heels on my pumps, until – without support – he was pointing straight out, parallel to the floor. "
"I laughed and then wrapped my hands near the base of his cock and began to walk away forcing him to walk with me and to be led by his cock. He let out a sound of shock, some low guttural sound from deep inside his throat. “Follow me,” I said to him. I led him slowly like this, by the cock, down the hall to my room. We entered my room and I let go of his cock, turning around to watch his reaction as he saw the bed and the straps that it now contained."


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