"With our hands entwined high above our heads, he kissed me for a long time, his weight a gorgeous burden and blessing. Then his mouth headed south. He roamed the geography of my neck, and breasts. He sucked and gently chewed on one very erect nipple and pinched the other in his fingers for a long time. I could barely take it. I was so close to cuming.  "
"Each time he would force himself into me, I would lunge forward, my slippery hands struggling to maintain a grip upon the bar. He grabbed my hair for leverage, and yanked me back with each forward motion, until our bodies were lost in a sensual tandem."
"As I shed my clothes, I could feel her eyes on me. I could feel the heat shooting from my pussy to my belly and bleeding up into my chest where a flush would be creeping up my skin like a stain. I knew I didn’t have to do anything. The truth was, I wanted to. I wanted to do everything I could with Marie. Something just for me. My secret."
"I want to fuck you, Sophia,” he said in a husky voice that sounded almost like a wounded animal. I could tell that his cock was ready to burst. I could hear it in his voice."
"I performed for my unknown audience, caressing his testicles and moving with exaggerated slowness. I ran my tongue up the underside of his cock, then took as much of it as I could get into my mouth, slowly releasing his inches until my lips rested on the head. His fingers ran through my hair and his cock twitched in my mouth. I licked off the drops of pre-cum that leaked from the tip of his cock before I took as much as I could into my mouth again."
Taylor Midnight
"Now on her knees; Mia revealed the other breast and buried her face in between them; suckling, nibbling. Both women groaned as Mia continued inflaming this titillating woman with her mouth and hands."
Ash Delaforce
"Now I lay on the improvised bed made by Patrick’s fine overcoat, in a broken-down lift, with a man ten years my junior giving me eager but not unskilled cunnilingus, while a wealthy investment banker with movie-star good looks kneads my breast, his nearly nine inches hovering over my astonished and rapt face."
Devon Strafford
"Her legs were parted, spread as far apart as they would go. He had insisted on licking her through her underwear. The strip of satin between her legs was soaking wet, and now his tongue was pushing the thin black band aside. An instinctive cry surged from her throat at the first contact of his tongue against her most intimate flesh."
Sylvia Lowry
“When I was listening to you play, I was stroking my pussy…” I could see him start, and I relished the mounting atmosphere of anticipation; I could sympathetically detect his rising excitement, a palpable arousal masked by fear. I smiled impishly. “The problem is…my orgasm was…” I impulsively found myself moving my hand across his chest. “…Incomplete.”
Alecia Langley
"Krista dried the book with her sleeve and turned her back, strolling down the fluorescent glare of a deserted corridor, feet padding on the chalky linoleum, feeling him more than seeing him, a shadow holding an invisible chain from hand to clit, issuing an insistent tug that was making her lose her equilibrium."


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