Secret Affair

Misty Mozart
"I know you’re not as conservative as you let on…I can see the outline of those little, lacy panties you wear under your skirts, and I dream about those hard nipples that I can see through your blouse most afternoons on bus duty. You put up a front to the world that you enjoy your polite, demure lifestyle that you allow the world to identify you as only a mom, but I know different. You are dripping with sex and desire. You just need to allow yourself to let go.”
"I plunge your cock into my mouth, taking it in as deep as I can, feeling your tip tickle my tonsils, slight gag reflex being subdued, further and further down...until my nose is edging your belly. Creating a rhythm, I rock back and forth, losing myself in the motion and feeling of fullness, inhaling the scent, listening to your moans, senses alive and fully in the moment."
"I was pouring liquid heat and he lapped it up as fast as it came. He held my ass above the wood and fitted his mouth over my entire pussy. My head was thrown back and I could hardly contain my cries. I was caring less and less who heard us though."
Marina Kris
“I’ve even thought,” Kennedy exhaled a smoky laugh that vibrated richly in my abdomen, “don’t tell Josh this, but I’ve even thought of taking a lover now and then, just to scratch the itch, just to alleviate this constant arousal …. A little, you know?”
Giselle Renarde
"I hopped on top of him and straight away sunk my wet pussy down on his cock. He groaned, rolling his head back and forth on the bed. That cock was a good size after I’d sucked it, and I was half tempted to ride it into the sunset. But no. I had to stick to the plan."
Rosalind Lux
“Stop.” I pushed him to the edge of the bed and knelt before him. I pulled off his boxers slowly, savoring the feeling of the fabric against his gorgeous skin. Once they had joined the pile of clothing on the floor, I lowered my head toward his cock. It was beautiful; long, thick, and smooth. I meant to draw it out by teasing him, but his shaft looked so tantalizing that I simply plunged the whole thing into my mouth, letting it fill my throat, and sucked. I sucked voraciously, thirstily, bracing myself on the bed as I dove in again and again."
"Michael joined them and David spread Meg’s leg for Michael to view and then offered his friend a taste of his wife’s now dripping desire, which Michael gladly accepted licking up the droplets that had dribbled down to her inner thighs. Meg arched her back with confused pleasure looking to David for approval, as she found herself lost in between the blurred lines of fantasy and reality."
Devon Strafford
"Her legs were parted, spread as far apart as they would go. He had insisted on licking her through her underwear. The strip of satin between her legs was soaking wet, and now his tongue was pushing the thin black band aside. An instinctive cry surged from her throat at the first contact of his tongue against her most intimate flesh."
"Pressure on the bed changed, she opened her eyes, and Todd was kneeling between her legs. She lifted her pelvis and groaned as his cock filled her. At first, he felt too big. Once she relaxed, however, he felt just right as he slowly stroked her. She had never been so full, so stimulated, so ready to be ravaged. Her unknown, unconscious wants and needs were being satisfied as he plunged into her faster and harder."
Toby Nix
"Liv kissed him and ran her hands down his sides, just feeling every part of him that she could. Brady’s hands cupped her ass, letting his fingers drift further down, slightly grazing. Liv knew he could feel the shiver that ran through her body. She pushed her tongue harder into his mouth. Their teeth clashed together. She breathed through him. Who would want air when they could have him?"


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