Janelle Fields
"I’m not sure when I agreed to try this sub thing. And I’m really not sure when Matt suddenly wanted to do the dominant thing. But we feel safe exploring sex with each other. This could be a fun game to try out I suppose. And I do so enjoy when he ties me up."
Tomi Totaro

"He bends me over the table.
He bends me over his knee."

Manxie Blue
"“Mmm - no panties.” and I feel a sneaky set of fingers going under my skirt. “I feel like a naughty kid again.”  Teasing fingertips dance their way up my thighs as he kisses me, silencing my impending objections."
Lusty Zee
"I surprise you and reverse our positions. I attack your lips with sipping kisses that end with me nipping your bottom lip. The tips of my breasts rub against your warm skin and the near invisible hairs on your chest gently abrade them. My hips shift back and forth and I grind my clenching pussy against the large ridge angling sideways on your hip. It hits my bead just the right way and I pull away to gasp into the darkness of the night."
Rachel Woe
"Rory set the dildo aside. He placed his hands on the tops of her thighs, massaging and raking his fingernails across them before sliding up her torso and over her breasts. Shireen sighed and continued to suckle the other toy as Rory worshipped her. His erection throbbed, aching to be touched. She needs to come again, he thought; one more time."

"We inch closer and take in our sex,
able to cut through the perfume and aftershave
the scent of our insides want out,
threatening to fog us in caged,
a pair of animals drawn close by each other’s heat."


"Shall we turn off the lights?
And take off our clothes?
Let’s get comfortable,
It is time to have some fun."

Kyra Lang
"There were certainly things I would never have done but talk about sex and relationships intrigued and excited me. On nights when my new girlfriends and I would meet to study at someone’s apartment, the talk would sometimes quickly flow from classes to boys. I was fascinated by stories of orgasms, oral sex, and wet pussies."
Toby Nix
"Liv kissed him and ran her hands down his sides, just feeling every part of him that she could. Brady’s hands cupped her ass, letting his fingers drift further down, slightly grazing. Liv knew he could feel the shiver that ran through her body. She pushed her tongue harder into his mouth. Their teeth clashed together. She breathed through him. Who would want air when they could have him?"
Sabine Maurier
"Seeing you were warming to the game, I walked over to where you sat on the chair. Hiking up my short skirt so you could clearly see my tiny panties, I placed one leg on either side of the chair and carefully sat on your lap."


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