"I moaned and the sounds of my pleasure forced his impassioned noises to grow louder. He sounded like a wounded animal as I sucked him ferociously. The concrete patio was scratching at my raw knees and I didn’t care. Faster and faster I sucked, harder and harder until his grunts turned to squeals and I sensed that he was about to explode, but I had other plans. I had other desires. My pussy was a force to be reckoned with and I would not deny it the pleasure of being fucked."
"I performed for my unknown audience, caressing his testicles and moving with exaggerated slowness. I ran my tongue up the underside of his cock, then took as much of it as I could get into my mouth, slowly releasing his inches until my lips rested on the head. His fingers ran through my hair and his cock twitched in my mouth. I licked off the drops of pre-cum that leaked from the tip of his cock before I took as much as I could into my mouth again."
Taylor Midnight
"Now on her knees; Mia revealed the other breast and buried her face in between them; suckling, nibbling. Both women groaned as Mia continued inflaming this titillating woman with her mouth and hands."
"Pete, though smaller in height and build, was certainly blessed where it mattered. His impressive cock was bigger than his friend’s; thick and meaty, and nestling in very well-groomed pubic hair. Jolene guessed that his balls would be shaven too. Smiling, she beckoned them over."
"He suckled her and stars burst behind her closed eyelids. Heat spread quickly and her panties were no doubt ruined. He left no area unchartered before dropping to his knees. Still kneading a full breast, he kissed and licked her softly rounded tummy. His tongue dipped into her belly button. Tickled, she giggled. He did it again and got the same result. "
"Jessie was ready to take everything he had to give. She wanted his seed against her tongue, anticipated that brief moment of total surrender when he ultimately came. God, she wanted this – him – forever if he would have her."
Nadia G.
"I cried out that the bed was too soft and I asked to lie down on the carpet. Ty was eager to oblige and we resumed our positions. Ah, much better! He was able to resist my downwards motion better and I was able to slam down onto him harder. I would stop my up and down motion to grind myself back and forth. I was getting wet just watching his face as I changed rhythms and directions."

Eloise Chagrin

"He made me wait, and the anticipation sent a wave of desire through my sex, the wetness covering me. With his left hand, I felt him start to undo his pants as his right went to my clitoris and stroked it with the same gentle motion. I needed him then, I was ready, there was no need for anything more. I felt his cock come out and press against the flesh of my butt, a hot hard organ with a need of its own."
"He parted my pussy lips with his fingers and flicked his tongue against my now aching clitoris. Gently, at first, then with increasing pressure and speed. Every so often, he would let his tongue slip deep into my throbbing hole. It wasn’t long before I was bucking against his face, and begging him to fuck me."

Erin O'Riordan

"I come to her, and she helps me unhook my bra. My breasts are in her face now. She looks up at me, shy at first, and then caresses my breast with her cheek. Her gentle touch becomes a gentle kiss. Soon she takes my nipple into her mouth. I hear a zip from Preston’s chair and turn my head toward him. I grab Agatha’s tits while she sucks mine, and Preston’s hand is on his cock. I watch the rhythmic movement of his hand up and down his shaft as I kneel on the bed."


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