Office Affair

Amanda Fox
"Tell me, Nadine, do you know hard I get every time you walk past me at the office? Or how many times I've had to jack off in the washroom on break? Or how many times I've fucked my wife the minute I got home because I just couldn't stand the aching in my balls any longer? " Bunching my skirt up around my waist, he yanked my panties to one side. "Jesus Christ, Nadine. I need to fuck you so bad."
Misty Mozart
"I know you’re not as conservative as you let on…I can see the outline of those little, lacy panties you wear under your skirts, and I dream about those hard nipples that I can see through your blouse most afternoons on bus duty. You put up a front to the world that you enjoy your polite, demure lifestyle that you allow the world to identify you as only a mom, but I know different. You are dripping with sex and desire. You just need to allow yourself to let go.”
Nicole Baker
"Have you touched yourself like this and imagined it was me?" he asked, removing her bra to twist her nipples into peaks. As she moaned lightly in response, he pulled her closer to him. "Imagined me putting my mouth on you, like this?" He followed his question with the motion, pressing a kiss to one breast, then the other, before beginning to suck at them, tongue flicking over the pink buds."
"I was pouring liquid heat and he lapped it up as fast as it came. He held my ass above the wood and fitted his mouth over my entire pussy. My head was thrown back and I could hardly contain my cries. I was caring less and less who heard us though."
Jasmine Grimstead
“The brain is the most powerful erogenous region we have. If you can’t stimulate someone mentally, how can you expect to stimulate them in any other way? Sex is just as mental as it is physical.”
“Well, well, well, young lady,” he said, in classic Santa fashion. I gave a brief curtsy, and Nick guided me onto his thigh. The soft felt of his costume was delightful on my ass through the holes of my fishnets, and I squirmed on purpose. Nick coughed, then said, “Kristi…er, Mrs. Claus…fancy seeing you here in my lap.”
Sex Stories: 
”We have a deal,” she said, “I’m going to fuck you all summer as often as it can be arranged and you’re going to see I get the scholarship,” she said, as she tucked her blouse inside her skirt."
“Hypothetically speaking – what if, right now, I told you to go to the restroom and remove your panties? Would you do it? And what if, when you exited your stall, you found me standing there waiting for you to hand them to me? Would you do that? Would it make you blush? And then… what if… you stood over the sink washing your hands, I slid my hand up your skirt to your bare ass and down the crack and slipped my fingers quickly into your sticky wet cunt? Would you fight me? Or would you like it?”
Sex Stories: 
"He goes down to his knees and pushes my skirt up to my waist as he starts licking my pussy from behind. One hand moves around my hip in search of my clit, I guide his hand to it and his fingers waste no time stroking and teasing my hard little nub causing goose bumps to spread over my body."
"I want to fuck you, Sophia,” he said in a husky voice that sounded almost like a wounded animal. I could tell that his cock was ready to burst. I could hear it in his voice."


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