Joy Of Sex

"I rested my head over her heart and listened…it was fighting against her rib cage and I began to kiss her in that spot. Her head arched backwards forcing her breasts upwards and I grabbed one in each hand and began to tease her nipples with my fingers. Continuing to do this, I returned my mouth to her stomach and belly button - kissing, licking…gorging on her mid-section, our moans of pleasure building and building."
"I knelt, resting your legs on my shoulders as you spread your thighs, giggling. I started to use my tongue to work quick, passionate circles around the lips of your pussy, clutching at your thighs as I hold my breath. I managed to slide my hands up your thighs and insert my thumbs into you, working them in slow circles, in opposite directions. The chill of the water, combined with the extra lubricant, allowed you to come quickly, and I resurfaced, gasping for air."
Lynn Lake
"Up on my knees, breathing heavily, I surveyed the assortment of self-pleasure tools. I was kind of shocked, stunned. I’d discovered my boyfriend’s secret cache. My body and face really blazed now, my sensitive parts swelling still more. My Calvin was quite obviously a very naughty boy all by himself. Or was it ‘all by himself’?"
"Caught up again in the feeling of this amazing man inside me, my whispered moans become light cries and then primal shouts. Orgasms move through me like tidal waves, one after another and another. When all my breath is gone and the tide goes out again I weakly wave my hand."
"If the men were bothered by her suggestive behaviour, they didn’t show it. The three of them bounced to the music, bodies bumping and grinding against one another, hands groping and squeezing. The guys had obviously realised that a threesome was on the cards, and Blake’s hands had dipped between Jolene’s legs and were caressing her pussy through the fabric of her skirt. Meanwhile, Pete was busying himself with her breasts."
Gwen Masters
“You’re going to watch,” she said, and a look of utter surprise flooded his face. The fact that she had never masturbated for him was immediately the only thought in both their minds. They had done damn near everything in their early years together, but pleasuring herself in front of him had never really crossed her mind. Now that the lingerie was cradling her skin with a touch as soft as a lover’s hand, and now that Ken had shown he was more than interested in new things, she was feeling bold."
Julianna Walker
"Claire moaned and then there was a slight stinging on her butt as Eric slapped her lightly. The tingle traveled up her spine and she moaned, leaning into him more, his cock now against her bottom. He slapped her again harder, the crack ringing through the empty woods. Claire dropped her head between her arms. Her long brown hair hung down and she arched her back, lifting her bottom towards him."
Renee O'Neal
"I want to stay on my knees and pleasure him, but he does not wish to be greedy either. With both hands in my hair, he gently pulls me to my feet. Looking down at me, he brings his lips to mine and hovers for a moment before kissing my mouth. With such fluidity his tongue swirls around before sucking mine into his mouth. We kiss deeply and savor the intimacy, and each other."
Lucky Kate
"She stood beside the bed and began to seductively sway and strip for him. Her hard pointed breasts shivered as she slowly slid the lace over them, exposing first one, then the other to his lustful gaze. Never had she felt her nipples this tight. She couldn't resist running her fingers over them, teasing their wrinkled firmness, and rolling them between finger and thumb. It was like an electric shock, all the pent up emotion of the last week flooded through her in response to that brief touch."
Caroline Misner
"I glide my hands down the length of his body, trailing warm fragrant foam across his stomach, firm and rippled with muscle. I inch my fingers lower, lower, lower until I reach that magnificent cock, nestled in a patch of crinkly fur. It’s hard and so big I can barely close my fingers around it. My hands are slippery and I pump it with lather, scraping my nails lightly against his balls. He moans and bucks his hips against mine."


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