Joy Of Sex

"With our hands entwined high above our heads, he kissed me for a long time, his weight a gorgeous burden and blessing. Then his mouth headed south. He roamed the geography of my neck, and breasts. He sucked and gently chewed on one very erect nipple and pinched the other in his fingers for a long time. I could barely take it. I was so close to cuming.  "
"Despite her secrecy, Becky suspected her fantasy was a common one. It involved not just one person, but several. The dream that had her tossing and turning at night was the thought of having group sex, with squaddies. She knew it was clichéd, but hey, she didn’t control what got her off. The fantasy was a minefield for so many reasons; it broke Becky and Paul’s rule about bringing other people into their sex life, she didn’t fancy any of Paul’s mates and if the authorities found out, there could be an awful lot of trouble. So Becky kept quiet, occasionally letting her fantasy scenario play out in her head when she was masturbating."
"She’d fantasized about this countless times. Sometimes during sex with her husband, Steve, sometimes while masturbating. It always turned her on, made her wet, made her mad with lust. Why? She didn’t know, but the image of another woman sucking her husband’s cock cranked her up like nothing else did."
Janelle Fields
"I’m not sure when I agreed to try this sub thing. And I’m really not sure when Matt suddenly wanted to do the dominant thing. But we feel safe exploring sex with each other. This could be a fun game to try out I suppose. And I do so enjoy when he ties me up."
Tomi Totaro

"He bends me over the table.
He bends me over his knee."

"As I shed my clothes, I could feel her eyes on me. I could feel the heat shooting from my pussy to my belly and bleeding up into my chest where a flush would be creeping up my skin like a stain. I knew I didn’t have to do anything. The truth was, I wanted to. I wanted to do everything I could with Marie. Something just for me. My secret."
Kylie Sambs
"He was thrusting inside her, working her hips with his hands, and she could feel her whole body melting from the inside. Sex had never felt this raw, this unencumbered by rules and expectations. It was wild. Animalistic. So hot she was sweating."
Rachel Woe
"Rory set the dildo aside. He placed his hands on the tops of her thighs, massaging and raking his fingernails across them before sliding up her torso and over her breasts. Shireen sighed and continued to suckle the other toy as Rory worshipped her. His erection throbbed, aching to be touched. She needs to come again, he thought; one more time."
Ambient Storm
"As I open my mouth I can taste the pearly liquid seeping from his head. Licking it off is a diligent and slow task, savored with great pleasure; the slower the better."
Will Belegon
"All sense of propriety fled my mind. I held Jill’s thighs in my hands, and spun into the corner of the elevator. I lifted her off the floor and rested her ass against the cold metal of the handrail that encircled the wall and leaned in. As the tip of my hard cock came to rest against the warm wetness of her pussy, the need to fill her overwhelmed me."


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