Joy Of Sex

Julianna Walker
"Claire moaned and then there was a slight stinging on her butt as Eric slapped her lightly. The tingle traveled up her spine and she moaned, leaning into him more, his cock now against her bottom. He slapped her again harder, the crack ringing through the empty woods. Claire dropped her head between her arms. Her long brown hair hung down and she arched her back, lifting her bottom towards him."
Renee O'Neal
"I want to stay on my knees and pleasure him, but he does not wish to be greedy either. With both hands in my hair, he gently pulls me to my feet. Looking down at me, he brings his lips to mine and hovers for a moment before kissing my mouth. With such fluidity his tongue swirls around before sucking mine into his mouth. We kiss deeply and savor the intimacy, and each other."
Lucky Kate
"She stood beside the bed and began to seductively sway and strip for him. Her hard pointed breasts shivered as she slowly slid the lace over them, exposing first one, then the other to his lustful gaze. Never had she felt her nipples this tight. She couldn't resist running her fingers over them, teasing their wrinkled firmness, and rolling them between finger and thumb. It was like an electric shock, all the pent up emotion of the last week flooded through her in response to that brief touch."
Caroline Misner
"I glide my hands down the length of his body, trailing warm fragrant foam across his stomach, firm and rippled with muscle. I inch my fingers lower, lower, lower until I reach that magnificent cock, nestled in a patch of crinkly fur. It’s hard and so big I can barely close my fingers around it. My hands are slippery and I pump it with lather, scraping my nails lightly against his balls. He moans and bucks his hips against mine."
Keary J
“He wanted her pussy clean: she waxed it. She’d never made herself come: he bought her a vibrator and watched every moment of her first time. Apart for a weekend, he told her to stand at the window naked. The workmen below had cheered. He dressed her up, took her to a strip joint and bought her a lap dance. Her pussy swelled, though she denied any interest. When she refused him her ass, he broke out a wad of hundred dollar bills and laid them on the kitchen table, one at a time until she said, “yes.” On a trip to New York, he surprised her with a sex club and then fucked her in front of fifty masturbating strangers.”
“It’s obvious you’re ready to be fucked. Which is a fortunate coincidence, because I’m ready, too.” Tony pushed down the sheet to reveal his naked cock. As if by magic, it seemed thicker and redder than I’d ever seen it."
Claire Litton
"I look at our faces in the mirror: your eyes are almost closed and I can feel you breathing as you gently kiss my neck, then not so gently, bite it. I writhe as your bites turn fiercer, squirming my hips against your hand and trying to work your fingers inside me, but you seem to know exactly what I'm going to do and keep me at a distance. "Please," I whisper, and I'm not sure what I'm asking for."
"Tess hesitated. She was at war with herself. Her mind told her no; she should stop this, but her body was flushed with pleasure. Desire flowed through her similar to the way Molly’s hands flowed over her, impassioned and enticing. When she complied, Molly lifted the sheet and watched as Tess rolled over. Her gaze became more heated as it roamed over Tess’s naked body."
"Our room filled with the aroma of his liquor and my sex, which betrayed my desire to feel him inside of me. He dipped into his glass once again, and dragged his scotch-coated fingertips across my eager and engorged pussy. It twitched and throbbed relentlessly against him, as if clutching in desperation at his fingers, begging them to penetrate me."
Nicole Bellina
"I would warm myself up good with the water device, and then stick the suction cup dildo to the shower floor and squat over it. I could hang on to the grab bars (installed for safety) and ride it hard. Oh the ecstasy! The orgasms I had!"


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