Intimate Encounters

Manxie Blue
"“Mmm - no panties.” and I feel a sneaky set of fingers going under my skirt. “I feel like a naughty kid again.”  Teasing fingertips dance their way up my thighs as he kisses me, silencing my impending objections."
"As I shed my clothes, I could feel her eyes on me. I could feel the heat shooting from my pussy to my belly and bleeding up into my chest where a flush would be creeping up my skin like a stain. I knew I didn’t have to do anything. The truth was, I wanted to. I wanted to do everything I could with Marie. Something just for me. My secret."
Lusty Zee
"I surprise you and reverse our positions. I attack your lips with sipping kisses that end with me nipping your bottom lip. The tips of my breasts rub against your warm skin and the near invisible hairs on your chest gently abrade them. My hips shift back and forth and I grind my clenching pussy against the large ridge angling sideways on your hip. It hits my bead just the right way and I pull away to gasp into the darkness of the night."
Rachel Woe
"Rory set the dildo aside. He placed his hands on the tops of her thighs, massaging and raking his fingernails across them before sliding up her torso and over her breasts. Shireen sighed and continued to suckle the other toy as Rory worshipped her. His erection throbbed, aching to be touched. She needs to come again, he thought; one more time."

"We inch closer and take in our sex,
able to cut through the perfume and aftershave
the scent of our insides want out,
threatening to fog us in caged,
a pair of animals drawn close by each other’s heat."

Sabine Maurier
"Seeing you were warming to the game, I walked over to where you sat on the chair. Hiking up my short skirt so you could clearly see my tiny panties, I placed one leg on either side of the chair and carefully sat on your lap."
"I can still feel where his hands gripped to hold me steady for his punishingly sweet strokes. There is the pleasant twinge where he smacked my ass and I felt that satisfying ache that only rough sex can bring deep inside."
"Fuck, Dylan, why do I give you this power? What makes me feel this way? Do these girls..these little dick suckers …have any idea of the pawns they really are? They believe they’ll succeed in this business, the glamour of film making and all, but they have no idea of the complete master of self-control one has to be in order to make it in this fucked up city where dreams are nothing more than cotton candy on a child’s tongue."
"Jessie was ready to take everything he had to give. She wanted his seed against her tongue, anticipated that brief moment of total surrender when he ultimately came. God, she wanted this – him – forever if he would have her."
"Yearning and conceding, she whimpered a muffled cry as I pushed my thick head into her, parting her wet, swollen lips. Without another thought, I roughly buried my entire length into her until I felt the familiar feel of being fully engulfed by Susan's sweet, wet pussy. With an animalistic lust, I quickly took her over and over."


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