"I could think of nothing except feeling his remarkably smooth triceps turning to jelly under my confident palms. I wanted to touch him everywhere. I wanted to drag my naked tits against his bare chest. I wanted to consume him. I wanted to break his heart."
"I was pouring liquid heat and he lapped it up as fast as it came. He held my ass above the wood and fitted his mouth over my entire pussy. My head was thrown back and I could hardly contain my cries. I was caring less and less who heard us though."
Michelle Simpson
"You will address me as Mistress." He felt the rush of air before the leather connected with his ass. WHACK! "You will do as I say and know that I am not concerned about your level of pain unless it's too much and you must exercise your safe word." WHACK! She hit him again and he was surprised at the movement his cock was now making. At least it was warm. "Are we clear here?"
"You continue the assault on my ass, slap, then backhand, first one, then the other. After a while, I lose count, hungrily arching into your slaps, gnawing on my lip, panting."
Janelle Fields
"I’m not sure when I agreed to try this sub thing. And I’m really not sure when Matt suddenly wanted to do the dominant thing. But we feel safe exploring sex with each other. This could be a fun game to try out I suppose. And I do so enjoy when he ties me up."
M.L. Shipley
"I entered the saloon through the hotel lobby entrance and headed towards a seat in the far corner. I’d barely taken two steps into the spacious hall before I felt the eyes of the male patrons (and more than likely a few of the females) roaming over my body. I knew they were imagining what my big tits, curvy hips, and long legs looked like without the impediment of clothing; how my bee-stung lips would feel sliding along their eager cocks or suckling the folds of their sweet pussy lips."
Keary J
"Greedily, she pulled it toward her, widening her legs, searching for more. Next to her, she could hear her husband’s quickened breath and knew immediately that his hand held his own cock in an undeniable response to the image before him."
"Pete, though smaller in height and build, was certainly blessed where it mattered. His impressive cock was bigger than his friend’s; thick and meaty, and nestling in very well-groomed pubic hair. Jolene guessed that his balls would be shaven too. Smiling, she beckoned them over."
George Matthew
“If you have glanced at our little tome, you will not be shocked by the reason we invited you, nor surprised I hope. We enjoyed immensely your performance at the concert and we believe you perfect for our games. It involves group sex, moving on to bondage - you don’t mind being tied up, do you?“
"How dare they think I could be so easily snared! What was I? Some whore they could just use any way they wanted?! I was mad…I was angry……I was so fucking horny…I was swimming with butterflies…then I realised, I was in control."
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