"Despite her secrecy, Becky suspected her fantasy was a common one. It involved not just one person, but several. The dream that had her tossing and turning at night was the thought of having group sex, with squaddies. She knew it was clichéd, but hey, she didn’t control what got her off. The fantasy was a minefield for so many reasons; it broke Becky and Paul’s rule about bringing other people into their sex life, she didn’t fancy any of Paul’s mates and if the authorities found out, there could be an awful lot of trouble. So Becky kept quiet, occasionally letting her fantasy scenario play out in her head when she was masturbating."
"She’d fantasized about this countless times. Sometimes during sex with her husband, Steve, sometimes while masturbating. It always turned her on, made her wet, made her mad with lust. Why? She didn’t know, but the image of another woman sucking her husband’s cock cranked her up like nothing else did."
"Bending over the hood of the car... the metal burned my hands. But as the rain fell and the metal cooled down, I began to grind my hips, embracing the feel of the nature on my back and hard cooling metal underneath. It was my inviting dance to this man who had kindly picked me up, a desperate suggestion to come fuck me."
"As my cunt throbs at the very thought of him, as I drip with heat and desire, as I ache with wanting - so I want him to reciprocate a thousand-fold. My obsession isn't enough. I want the very thought of me to create in him the same depths of arousal, of heat of hardness, or pure unrelenting blinding lust."
Sophie Black
"In an instant, he was in me. I was so wet he slid easily inside and began to fuck me-- pushing in and out from behind as he worked my clit with one hand and moved his other hand over my naked ass and up to my swollen breasts. He pulled at my nipples through my thin shirt, rolling them between his fingers as he pushed himself into me."
Sex Stories: 
"I performed for my unknown audience, caressing his testicles and moving with exaggerated slowness. I ran my tongue up the underside of his cock, then took as much of it as I could get into my mouth, slowly releasing his inches until my lips rested on the head. His fingers ran through my hair and his cock twitched in my mouth. I licked off the drops of pre-cum that leaked from the tip of his cock before I took as much as I could into my mouth again."
"I bring myself right to the edge of orgasm then stop. Panting heavily, I do not move until the feeling has subsided. I start again, faster this time, allowing myself to get lost in the pleasure a second time. My soft panting soon becomes louder groans as I get closer to orgasm again, wanting to push myself over the edge, yet enjoying the exquisite pleasure of denying myself."

"Shall we turn off the lights?
And take off our clothes?
Let’s get comfortable,
It is time to have some fun."

Devon Strafford
"Her legs were parted, spread as far apart as they would go. He had insisted on licking her through her underwear. The strip of satin between her legs was soaking wet, and now his tongue was pushing the thin black band aside. An instinctive cry surged from her throat at the first contact of his tongue against her most intimate flesh."
“I’m not sure you like this very much Mr. Masked guy. You might want to rethink it next time before you say yes to fucking me, hmmm? What’d you expect? Some kind of doggy style moment where you’d get your rocks off? I bet, you piece of shit. You’re here to do one thing, fuck me with that limp dick of yours. Let’s see if we can’t make it a little harder hmmm?”


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