Abigail Wolfe
"Your hands lock onto my hips and hold me in place, your cock deep inside me. A breeze kisses my back, a breeze that is suddenly warmer, turning into someone else's breath, and I realize with a sudden flash of panic that we left the door open. The bed shifts as someone climbs onto it behind me and I push forward, trying to climb off you, but your hands are like steel bands."
Misty Mozart
"I know you’re not as conservative as you let on…I can see the outline of those little, lacy panties you wear under your skirts, and I dream about those hard nipples that I can see through your blouse most afternoons on bus duty. You put up a front to the world that you enjoy your polite, demure lifestyle that you allow the world to identify you as only a mom, but I know different. You are dripping with sex and desire. You just need to allow yourself to let go.”
Alyssa Hunt
"I sense an urgency, as if you are losing control, then I lose control, and I no longer know if it is your cock in my pussy or your cock in my asshole and I open my mouth and wish for something, anything, your fingers, your cock, a gag, in my mouth, so you are filling everything that needs to be filled."
Tara Tainton
"Her moans. They mimic the ones that pass from my lips when I’m pinched between his hard body and some unforgiving object. The sounds breathed from the depths of her throat are like a slap in my face. It forces me to watch, to feel what they are, reminding me that I’m not where she is."
"One finger traces the elastic and slides underneath. I open my thighs more. He rubs along my slit, separating my pussy lips and dipping into all the moisture there. The guitarist bends another perfect note as a finger plucks my clit. I respond with a small gush of wetness. I’m leaning back into his body. I can feel the hard press of his dick against my lower back. His lips are against my ear whispering to me. “Stand up.”
"My wife and I had been increasingly becoming more vocal about our fantasies when we fucked. She would cum hard as I fingered her deeply and whispered in her ear about her having more than one cock to enjoy, of her pleasing multiple men at the same time."
“I’m going to drive you crazy tonight,” he murmured. “I’m going to tease you, just like you teased me with those sexy dresses and those little moans you made when I kissed you in the car. And then, when I’ve got you good and ready, I’m going to make you come so hard you scream your head off.”
Peter Baltensperger
"It was just that she needed more than that one big explosion, the volcanic eruption with the deafening crescendos, the shooting stars and the fireworks, the screams from her frantic throat that came from total abandon, total excitation. She needed to climb some smaller heights afterwards, needed to bask in the afterglow of the main event. She never expected Karl to do that for her."
Katie Killigan
"Hand after hand went by, Katie was a better poker player than she thought, but still piece by piece she was losing her clothing. At least the four young men she was playing with had kept their part of the bargain and had lost the majority of their clothes as well. Hard, sculpted young male bodies surrounded her, and Katie loved the scent of masulinity and the sight of muscle. She found herself secretly getting wetter and wetter, and almost willing herself to lose the next hand. She was an exhibitonist, and loved the eyes that were glued on her."
“Well, well, well, young lady,” he said, in classic Santa fashion. I gave a brief curtsy, and Nick guided me onto his thigh. The soft felt of his costume was delightful on my ass through the holes of my fishnets, and I squirmed on purpose. Nick coughed, then said, “Kristi…er, Mrs. Claus…fancy seeing you here in my lap.”
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