Nikki Bee
“You have missed me haven’t you, my poor Georgie. Tell me you have missed the taste of my pussy and the feel of your cock in my hand. Come to me, I’ll let you do all those things that high and mighty wife of yours won’t give you at home. ” I hug him. I know he wants to touch me, but at this minute he is still feeling shy and awkward and there is a glass in one hand … ”
Melanie Birch
"Having sex is something you feel, not something you see, and when you see sex, it’s other people. But the thought of seeing myself intrigued me. Would I look sexy and confident or just awkward and silly? I had tried to imagine it, and always assumed that one day I would get to see myself on film, but the years were going by, and it still hadn't happened."
M.A. Hefker
"She knew, seeing him there behind the window, how he wanted her and wanted her more than anything else in the world, wanted only her. She had focused on him in return, and they were in connection, even in this dusty airless room, even with him behind a slab of cloudy plastic. The connection was there in spite of and because of the imposed distance between them. She smiled and closed her eyes. She was getting moist and goddammit if it didn’t feel good."
"I performed for my unknown audience, caressing his testicles and moving with exaggerated slowness. I ran my tongue up the underside of his cock, then took as much of it as I could get into my mouth, slowly releasing his inches until my lips rested on the head. His fingers ran through my hair and his cock twitched in my mouth. I licked off the drops of pre-cum that leaked from the tip of his cock before I took as much as I could into my mouth again."
"I bring myself right to the edge of orgasm then stop. Panting heavily, I do not move until the feeling has subsided. I start again, faster this time, allowing myself to get lost in the pleasure a second time. My soft panting soon becomes louder groans as I get closer to orgasm again, wanting to push myself over the edge, yet enjoying the exquisite pleasure of denying myself."
George Matthew
“If you have glanced at our little tome, you will not be shocked by the reason we invited you, nor surprised I hope. We enjoyed immensely your performance at the concert and we believe you perfect for our games. It involves group sex, moving on to bondage - you don’t mind being tied up, do you?“
Rebel Girl
"All I remember is kissing Kevin, and reaching over to Mickey. He resisted me, and moved my hand off of him and onto Kevin. It took me a second but I suddenly realized he just wanted to watch. We didn’t mind, it was a fantasy of ours to be watched, so we got into it. In between us groping each other and lots of oral sex, we kept glancing over at Mickey, who was kneeling, watching us with a very nice-sized erect cock trying to peek out of his boxers. It was titillating seeing him out of his boxboy uniform and nearly naked in my bedroom."
"The crowd roared as his cock stretched her. He went deep, growling in her face with every inch he gave until he could give no more. He held her in place, plugged and throbbing around his dick."
Jonathan Stray
"You are more than smiling now. You are aroused. You are watching your pretty little girl on her knees, sucking someone’s cock. You’re watching my pretty lips parted around a big hard cock, taking it deep into my throat just because you ordered me to. My ass juts out invitingly; my soaking cunt is open obscenely and exposed to the room, and they are watching."
Susan DiPlacido
"Instead, Mike releases my hand and slips his under my skirt, slides his long fingers beneath my panties and uses his index finger to part my lips. I gasp with it and realize to my dismay I'm wet from his kissing. It's ridiculous how quickly and easily he gets my juices flowing when he makes out with me, but even though I'm not dripping or tuned up, I'm clearly slick and he's got no trouble getting his finger positioned with firm pressure against my hot spot."


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