Dirty Talk

Tatiana Von Tauber
"She loved when he said that, though many times Victor would show up and they would just fuck like wild animals over and over until both were spent. She liked his creative play as it showed his interest in putting forth a little extra effort into their open relationship. Of course, her willingness always made him come back for more."
Misty Mozart
"I know you’re not as conservative as you let on…I can see the outline of those little, lacy panties you wear under your skirts, and I dream about those hard nipples that I can see through your blouse most afternoons on bus duty. You put up a front to the world that you enjoy your polite, demure lifestyle that you allow the world to identify you as only a mom, but I know different. You are dripping with sex and desire. You just need to allow yourself to let go.”
Alyssa Hunt
"I sense an urgency, as if you are losing control, then I lose control, and I no longer know if it is your cock in my pussy or your cock in my asshole and I open my mouth and wish for something, anything, your fingers, your cock, a gag, in my mouth, so you are filling everything that needs to be filled."
"I could think of nothing except feeling his remarkably smooth triceps turning to jelly under my confident palms. I wanted to touch him everywhere. I wanted to drag my naked tits against his bare chest. I wanted to consume him. I wanted to break his heart."
"I was pouring liquid heat and he lapped it up as fast as it came. He held my ass above the wood and fitted his mouth over my entire pussy. My head was thrown back and I could hardly contain my cries. I was caring less and less who heard us though."
"My wife and I had been increasingly becoming more vocal about our fantasies when we fucked. She would cum hard as I fingered her deeply and whispered in her ear about her having more than one cock to enjoy, of her pleasing multiple men at the same time."
Michelle Simpson
"You will address me as Mistress." He felt the rush of air before the leather connected with his ass. WHACK! "You will do as I say and know that I am not concerned about your level of pain unless it's too much and you must exercise your safe word." WHACK! She hit him again and he was surprised at the movement his cock was now making. At least it was warm. "Are we clear here?"
“She groaned with a gravely ache in her voice. “I want to make you hurt. I want your cock to burn for me. You can’t slip into me until I say so.” Her gaze never wavered. She stared at him with eyes that were so confident and commanding that he had no doubt that she was in control."
"I tilted my hips ever so slightly, my clit pressing into the erection I now felt through his jeans. He pulled me forward, to kiss me. But, now it was my turn to be a tease."
Janelle Fields
"I knew what he was going for and since I was still tied and blindfolded, I had no choice but to keep bucking my hips as his fingers fucked me even harder. I didn’t even know what he was doing with his tongue on my clit at that point and I didn’t care I just wanted him to keep doing it! I was so caught up in the sensation I didn’t notice at first his fingers had made their way around to my backside. Using the tip of his finger he teased the opening of my ass, which made my pussy contract, and I came a second time."


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