Dirty Talk

"I knelt, resting your legs on my shoulders as you spread your thighs, giggling. I started to use my tongue to work quick, passionate circles around the lips of your pussy, clutching at your thighs as I hold my breath. I managed to slide my hands up your thighs and insert my thumbs into you, working them in slow circles, in opposite directions. The chill of the water, combined with the extra lubricant, allowed you to come quickly, and I resurfaced, gasping for air."
Tatiana Von Tauber
"Angelina moved the chair to face him and sprawled herself in as sexy of a position as she could. Bare breasted, shimmering with sweat, her necklace danced between her cleavage when she leaned back on the arm rest, right arm extended on the back of the chair, one leg draped over the other arm rest and the other leg lengthened out to her side. Only her black panty hid what she knew he came for."
"If the men were bothered by her suggestive behaviour, they didn’t show it. The three of them bounced to the music, bodies bumping and grinding against one another, hands groping and squeezing. The guys had obviously realised that a threesome was on the cards, and Blake’s hands had dipped between Jolene’s legs and were caressing her pussy through the fabric of her skirt. Meanwhile, Pete was busying himself with her breasts."
Sylvia Lowry
“I want to consume your precious cock, that’s what.” I reached downwards and whispered in his ear as I grasped his erection through his trousers; the shaft shuddered in tender recognition of my touch as I quickly unzipped him and liberated it, exposing it to the night air, caressing the contours of the head, stroking the erection affectionately before grasping it with greater intensity, pumping harder, desperate to devour it."
Lynn Lake
"Evelyn laced her slender fingers together over her head, thrusting her breasts up higher on her arched body and spreading her legs wider; revelling now in the warm, sensuous satisfaction of having both cheated on her husband and cheated him out of his satisfaction of watching his wanton wife in action with another man.”
Keary J
“He wanted her pussy clean: she waxed it. She’d never made herself come: he bought her a vibrator and watched every moment of her first time. Apart for a weekend, he told her to stand at the window naked. The workmen below had cheered. He dressed her up, took her to a strip joint and bought her a lap dance. Her pussy swelled, though she denied any interest. When she refused him her ass, he broke out a wad of hundred dollar bills and laid them on the kitchen table, one at a time until she said, “yes.” On a trip to New York, he surprised her with a sex club and then fucked her in front of fifty masturbating strangers.”
"Our room filled with the aroma of his liquor and my sex, which betrayed my desire to feel him inside of me. He dipped into his glass once again, and dragged his scotch-coated fingertips across my eager and engorged pussy. It twitched and throbbed relentlessly against him, as if clutching in desperation at his fingers, begging them to penetrate me."
Amanda Fox
"Tell me, Nadine, do you know hard I get every time you walk past me at the office? Or how many times I've had to jack off in the washroom on break? Or how many times I've fucked my wife the minute I got home because I just couldn't stand the aching in my balls any longer? " Bunching my skirt up around my waist, he yanked my panties to one side. "Jesus Christ, Nadine. I need to fuck you so bad."
“Mistress, I have not done this before. I am seeking the knowledge of what being submissive can give me in hope that it helps me be a better person in other parts of my life. I have no boundaries, as I have no idea where any of this will take me…I am always in control.” He stood so tall, such beautiful posture, and gracious manners."
Abigail Wolf
"Oh my God," she says, almost conversationally, and her whole body arches. You settle in to suck on her clit, and she spasms, stiffening against me as I run my hand down her stomach under the dress. I'm watching your face, your eyes, as you're licking her. First your eyes are closed, but then they flick up to Maribel's face, which is tipped back, eyes closed, in rigid pleasure. After lingering on that for a few seconds, you meet my eyes, and I smile and push Maribel's dress off her shoulders, revealing her breasts."


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