Gwen Masters
“You’re going to watch,” she said, and a look of utter surprise flooded his face. The fact that she had never masturbated for him was immediately the only thought in both their minds. They had done damn near everything in their early years together, but pleasuring herself in front of him had never really crossed her mind. Now that the lingerie was cradling her skin with a touch as soft as a lover’s hand, and now that Ken had shown he was more than interested in new things, she was feeling bold."
Keary J
"The group settled. Rebecca opened her eyes and took them all in. Seven of them, some shirtless, all of them aroused and handsome. The naughtiness of it thrilled her. Letting her arms spread out across the pillows, she opened her legs and pulled her feet up to her bottom."
Sylvia Lowry
“I want to consume your precious cock, that’s what.” I reached downwards and whispered in his ear as I grasped his erection through his trousers; the shaft shuddered in tender recognition of my touch as I quickly unzipped him and liberated it, exposing it to the night air, caressing the contours of the head, stroking the erection affectionately before grasping it with greater intensity, pumping harder, desperate to devour it."
Nicole Bellina
"I would warm myself up good with the water device, and then stick the suction cup dildo to the shower floor and squat over it. I could hang on to the grab bars (installed for safety) and ride it hard. Oh the ecstasy! The orgasms I had!"
Tatiana Von Tauber
"I went through the day thinking of nothing but sex. I became so distracted that I had to masturbate just to get through the long day. But later in the evening, when I got to the point where I felt like a wild animal in heat, needing to plunge my cock into a warm crevice, I jumped off the sofa, grabbed her by the hair and bit at her neck."
“Mistress, I have not done this before. I am seeking the knowledge of what being submissive can give me in hope that it helps me be a better person in other parts of my life. I have no boundaries, as I have no idea where any of this will take me…I am always in control.” He stood so tall, such beautiful posture, and gracious manners."
"Sex. Sex was what moved her. Not just the act, but the pure, profound, inherent power of sexuality, that force which encompassed the deepest realms of humanity, spanned the spectrum of life and held within it every possibility of human existence. Sex was life force embodied; it was strength, it was beauty, it was joy, it was –"
Manxie Blue
"I’ve decided not to deny myself the pleasures of the flesh. No more shutting myself away again and behaving like a nun! I went to a friend’s hen party last week and treated myself to a nice little toy. It’s a small, pink egg-shaped vibrator. Soft to the touch with two long prongs which vibrate at different levels. And I’ve decided that tonight, I’m going to take it for a test drive!"
"You will address me as Mistress." He felt the rush of air before the leather connected with his ass. WHACK! "You will do as I say and know that I am not concerned about your level of pain unless it's too much and you must exercise your safe word." WHACK! She hit him again and he was surprised at the movement his cock was now making. At least it was warm. "Are we clear here?"
Peter Baltensperger
"It was just that she needed more than that one big explosion, the volcanic eruption with the deafening crescendos, the shooting stars and the fireworks, the screams from her frantic throat that came from total abandon, total excitation. She needed to climb some smaller heights afterwards, needed to bask in the afterglow of the main event. She never expected Karl to do that for her."


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